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    Anyone else see the delivery truck in the game. I was speeding down into the city of Los Santos and the billboard on the side of what looked to be a delivery truck caught my eye. So I went back and removed the driver so I could check it out. It had UPS colors, the name on it was US Post (UPS/Usps), and cube van looked like the rear entry cube vans the FedEx guys drive around.
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    Yup, saw it.

    Very quickly drove it into a lake lol
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    Post op and GoPost. Post op seems to next doing a hell of a lot better in the in game stock market over GoPost too. Someone in development must have been a past employee.
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    Even the cartoon version knows there needs to be vents in the rear.
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    can't wait to play this!
  7. Hmm 80% done and I haven't seen it yet! I want to add it to the garage!
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    You must be a part timer lol
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    Does this have to do with that show Jersey shore gym tan laundry?????
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    I spent 16 hours the first day I got it...took advantage of the day not having to work. lol it was bad. Love the game though and am gonna playin online for sure.
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    This game is pretty fun. Definitely not for children haha
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    Parents don't give a crap, man. Their little child whines and cries, and to shut them up they buy their kid whatever they want.

    I'm pretty sure they'll be buying 'em porno soon enough if they don't already.