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    What does the acronym H.A.B.I.T.S stand for?
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    Health, Athleticism, Body Mechanics, Inspect, Tools and Equipment, Safety Compliance
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    Hate PASS/EDD
    Another missed package
    Break for misload
    I.E. is foolish
    Too many late nights
    So where's the last package???
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    Its what UPS preaches but does not really live by.:crying: Like when you call off work because your body has had enough and they try to force you to come to work so they can finish you off.
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    GREAT, except B should be "Breaks, what are those?"
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    it stands for another program UPS puts out there to make you think they care about our safety.
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    Almost made me laugh as much as"I E I E I E Off to pretend to work I go" set to Seven Dwarves music when I.E. comes around.
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    H *eathen
    A* gnostic
    B* rutal dictators
    I *gnoring the basics
    T *oo busy for the facts
    S* o busy with #s, cant talk to them

    Just kiddin
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    One of the things they taught us during feeder school was dead on wrong IMO. According to EVERY doctor I have ever talked you when you get a sprain, you put ice on in the FIRST 24 HOURS. Then you put on heat. A ups they say ice all the time.