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    I'm no fan of the books or the movies as a matter of fact I really don't care for fantasy crap in general, that being said I do know that the new book was hitting the shelves today or yesterday, regardless I know @ least where I'm at we delivered the bulk of those books to Barnes & Nobel and was proud to be a part of the supply chain, this week although mgt. said nothing, (never did in the past either) I was fully expecting the onslaught sometime this week if not all week, and I've seen nothing, not even promo material or anything come through all week, the only two possibilities I could come up w/ would be that it went UPS FREIGHT or we lost the account, but I've seen no other carrier bragging abt. the reliability of their service in getting "times sensitive" material delivered in such a manner as we did in the past, (I thought it was cool)....so anyone want to shed some light on this, I'm starting to lose sleep over it.......while your @ it as a "passive" fan of the 44 car someone tell me in simple english if "we" will finish any race in the top 15????? I tired of writing "#44 DNQ" on the sides of the pkg. cars the washers haven't gotten to yet; feeder wash kicks
    :censored2:...... "22.3 rules / 8 -N- skate"
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    I think the big day is Sat July 21 was asked if I wanted to work to del harry potter books.
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    The new Harry Potter book is coming out July 21, I think. We have a Bid Sheet up for Package Drivers to work that Saturday, to deliver Ground. All our drivers have requested eight hour days...........OT!!!
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    We have the same bid sheet up. I thought we just dumped them at the post office for the last release? Apparently they're cutting the USPS out of the deal this time....
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    ok "DUH", I apparently can't read a calendar, JULY comes after JUNE then????? thanks for the info, now if we can only get that 44 car moving....vroom, vroom...............I heard a "rumor" that jarrett's job was gonna be put up for bid but because he works weekends nobody in the union would take the job w/o being paid OT...................
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    Yeah, we have a bid sheet up in our center and all the slots have already been filled up, but all the names are names of Harry Potter characters. Dumbledore was the first to sign up. I think he'll look good in brown.
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    Dude!! change that avatar and Ill give you some rep. lol UUUggggllllyyy. ps are you a dungeon and dragons fan too. Just kidding. Keep posting.
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