Has anyone ever sued UPS?

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    They shove this safety stuff down your throat but apparently it's all just to look good.

    A guy I know is a sorter/unloader and one time a few months back he was sorting and the belt was getting many boxes because either a) the unloader is very fast or b) there were 2 unloaders in the truck.

    Some boxes fell all over the floor so he stopped the unloader(s) to clean up the mess. Apparently a sup came by and said to turn it back on. The guy (sorter) said "he was just cleaning up the mess so he didn't get hurt". The sup simply said don't let the boxes fall to the floor.

    What the :censored2:? Let's say he or somebody else passing by fell and broke their neck?
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    It's called workmans comp in that case. In any case how would you trip and fall over a box if you are following the 5 keys to avoid slips and falls ????
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    you can look both ways when crossing the street and still be hit by a car?

    secondly, the 5 keys to avoid slips and falls is meaningless when there are boxes all over the place. that's like saying to wear boots in wintery weather and you shouldn't fall.
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    Well if there are boxes all over the place that doesn't mean you walk over then. In the winter they give you yak traxs to put on your foot wear they don't care what you wear you can wear tennis shoes if they are black however if you fall on the ice with out some kind of yak traxs on your feet it's your fault.

    This is why UPS has 340 plus methods for you to follow if you choose not to it on you if your being forced to do something unsafe then tell a steward or file a grievance if you choose to do nothing and get hurt your not going to win a lawsuit. But you would still get workmans comp.
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    Maybe the guy is just accident prone. Couldn't tell by his user name.
  6. The company leaves themselves open to litigation with the way they choose to operate their business on a daily basis. If the corporate headquarters knew how the majority of these buildings attain their fantasy numbers day in and day out everyone in that building every single one of those executives would have a stroke.
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    yes, many people have sued UPS
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    and some have won.
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    So you are saying that UPS has 341 or more methods to follow????? That's not what the "340 methods" means.
    YAK TRACS ??? That is like the company admitting they are sending you out in dangerous working conditions knowing you are very likely to slip on the ice. This could actually help an employee in court. I wouldn't bet the farm against the success of a lawsuit either.
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    As 555 said, the 340 methods derives it's name from the 340 Methods Manual that defines best methods for Pickup and Delivery Operations.- Driver Job.

    Using the UPS Safe Methods is the proper reference in this situation.
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    In what way was the sorter actually damaged in which to make a claim of damage to justify the suit to begin with? Are you trying to "minority report" UPS and it's supervisor?

    If you think UPS is acting in a false or unethical manner, then why not take your evidence to someone like Wikileaks and see if making the information public causes a shift. If you do take such action, at least then you might in response from UPS end up with a damage on which you might sue them!

    And good luck with that too!
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    What we are actually talking about in this instance is termed egress.
    It is an OSHA violation and a hot topic over the past couple of years.
    UPS has been subject to numerous violations and fines.
    My guess is if this loader dropped this term on the supervisor along with the threat of a phone call to said agency, he would have saw a 180 in the supervisors attitude.
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    Google UPS lawsuits. Majority of the lawsuits are management suing the company for wrongful terminations, unable to make unrealistic goals, In order to make some of the unrealistic goals management has to break the law. So if you turn whistleblower the company will retaliate. The company normally settles before it goes to court. It's cheaper pay out a 50,000 to 250,000 on certain indiviual cases then go to court and potentially lose millions. UPS has deep pockets they can afford to pay all the fines the government levys against them for violations. Company makes a couple billion a quater, pays a a few hundred thousands dollars worth of fines to the government no big deal to the company.

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    BS...pure and simple (this thread, that is....)
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    Did somebody fall and break their neck or is this a "just pretend" case? If its just pretend, you'll have a hard time suing and a harder time getting anything out of it.
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    Suing ups is like suing god it's very hard and could take a lifetime.
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    Class-action is about the only way to win a lawsuit against a corporation.
    It takes a law firm willing to invest millions or tens of millions in resources and this usually means it has to have a ROI that can only be realized from a class-action suit.
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    Yes, yes and yes! Usually you only hear about the class actions or multi-million dollar punitive damage cases. Many potential lawsuits are settled before an actual lawsuit is filed so you never will hear about these because they are negotiated to be confidential. It usually starts of with a atty. written demand letter and/or Notice of Legal Representation letter. If UPS takes the issue serious then Holland, Knight will have a sit down with both parties You can find several interesting court filings and settlements if you pay for a Case Review Service in which law firms can afford to do so.
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    Bingo Hoak