Has your promotion ever been sabatoged?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by btrlov, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I am looking for some insight on this issue.

    I.ve been looking to get into fulltime management for a while. Last year, i put my letter of intent and started the MAPP process. But that year my FT SUP neglected to do my assessment to start the process. In another words, that part of MAPP, i have NO control of, i cant get pass.He said he thought he did, and i should've been gone in for my test. But last year i didn't follow up with him and i know i never took any test.

    Now, I actually interested in going into full time management; operations or any other unit. I have seen 4 people promoted in the last 3 year. I see internal openings on upsers. With all that being said, I renewed my MAPP for 2012 and here we go again the assessment has yet to be completed. My FT said he will get to it but it has been 3 weeks already.im tired of reminding him. I don't know if he is sending me some sort of hidden message like "im not ready" or "im not cool enough" "brown nosing the manager" etc. They say im the most qualified on that shift with my degree and military experience, and that i do a lot better job when he is out.... So i don't know why its taking so long... i don't even care for taking over his job or just want to move somewhere beyond pt sup and im willing to move.

    I'm black and last black sups promoted was when a black DM was working in our building.So sometimes i think is because of race...but ultimately i just dont know. What are the politics? Has anyone experienced this?
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    You clearly stated that you didn't follow through. So, blame-if there is any to be had-lays squarely in your lap. Sorry.
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    Race has nothing to do with not taking care of your own business. You didn't follow through.
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    That was last year, this year i have been constantly reminding the sup........Its not like i have to power to complete it myself. If you ask someone to do something and they say there going to do it, just to eventually not do it....and it expires Thats not squarely on me. The MAPP process clearly states that the FT must complete an assessment in order to progress the process. So when u remind someone and they drag ass. It gets you thinking y
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    Perhaps you are too valuable a PT sup in that building to get promoted and moved elsewhere in his eyes. It's happened before. Plenty of times. Is it wrong? Yes.
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    Your sup has a person he reports to.
    Talk to that person in a round about way.
    Ask him/her if there is a chance ... that you have applied last year and this year.
    They should ask follow up questions at which point you reluctantly convey the happenings of the last year and current.
    If that does not work ... find another company.
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    I understand what you are saying, but in your post it sounded as if you were kinda whining(for lack of a better word).
    Sorry. :bigsmile2:
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    That sounds like good advice from a guy who has been here for fifty plus years.
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    Get your Business Manager involved or go to HR, if they get your assessment and do not do it, they are not doing their job AT ALL!
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    Good advise, except for the last sentence. You don't need to find a new company. This company has a great deal of diversity, demonstrated by the fact that the President of all U.S. Operations, and 2 of the 3 domestic Region Managers are African-American. You should speak to your manager and the H.R. employment manager. If that doesn't help, ask the Division Manager. There are a variety of reasons why you are not getting to move forward in the MAPP process: You could be doing great, and your sup doesn't want to lose you. Or you could be a poor performer, and no one has the guts to look you in the eye and tell you what you need to do to become a viable candidate.

    At this point, as Hoaxster says, your sup has a person he report to. Find out who that is, and keep asking until you get an answer. You may not like the answer- I've had to tell some part time supervisors that because of poor performance, they would probably never be a full time supervisor- there were too many other candidates with better results. But it's fairer to tell the truth to someone, rather than string them along. Good Luck
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Sometimes a change of scenery (another company since he can't get transferred) is what it takes ... a new beginning.
    He and no one else is entitled to get promoted and if he goes through the various levels and still does not get promoted, then maybe another company is the best bet or even better, start your own business.

    Like you said, most times, the person just is not the best candidate for F/T Management at UPS.
    Every company is different. Lord knows, some people that are successful at UPS would be miserable failures at other companies.
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    Candy from a baby comes to mind. Of course, that is, after the thought of, oh I don't know, maybe he still has a conscience. :surprised:

    Oh, come one. Laugh. You know you want to. This one was way​ to easy. :winks:
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    I'm glad that you want to further your career with UPS. You may be a great person who is very smart and a good worker. However, in this short message, you had dozens of spelling and grammatical errors. On top of that, you admitted that you didn't follow up on the MAPP process, which is something that is critical to your career. The job of a typical FT supervisor is not to do the work, rather to train others to do the work and follow-up with them to ensure it is done correctly and efficiently. So, if you can't follow-up on something that impacts yourself, how well would you do a job that requires you to do this on others?
    Please don't take this as an insult, take this as advice. Work on improving your written communication, work on improving your supervisory skills. Maybe as Hoaxster said, UPS isn't for you. However, I think you can overcome this setback and become a good supervisor with UPS. Remember, every day you are being interviewed, whether you or the eventual interviewer knows it or not. I have been around a long time and have seen some great supervisors that are discussed at career meetings for their potential at managers. I have been asked my opinion many times. I know that there are many I endorsed, because I saw them go the extra mile. I have seen them utilize all the resources at their disposal to overcome a problem. However there have been a few folks that I have indicated that I WOULD NOT recommend. The main reason for the negative recommendation was how poor the person did in helping others or following up on problems. My goal was to get the best people into higher levels of UPS management. I personally did not care if the person was male or female, black or white or polka dotted. Good luck..
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    Unfortunately, you may be in the minority - in my short stint at UPS, I've seen the most inept people promoted. Honestly, it seems like we fail upward at this company. Maybe it is a different reality in the "career meetings" versus real life, but from what I can tell, the most inept are promoted simply to get them out of the way. Extrapolate twenty years, and I'm thinking of passing on full-time.

    Maybe that's just me, though.
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    Sorry for the errors, I typically don't proofread(follow up) my post if i am basically ranting off but i see your point. I eventually did pass all levels of MAPP, and I even got interviewed for security, an offer for On car sup, and interviewed for inside sale rep. Security never contacted me, On car was delayed because my license needed 3 months to clean to meet the requirement. Inside Sales rep hasnt called me back. I will be following up on all 3 leads
  16. beentheredonethat

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    That's good news about passing the MAPP. I agree that you should follow up on all three leads. Let's assume for a second that you really want the inside sales rep job out of the three you listed. If I were you I'd ask the ASM (Area Sales Manager) for any suggested books you could read. Ask if there is any online training you could take. Ask if you could either, before or after your shift, sit with a nearby sales rep to see what they do in their job. Maybe, you could find some sales leads to turn in. In other words show your potential boss or someone who works with them, that you really want the job. Show them you will go the extra mile to get it done. Show them you are a go getter.

    Good luck.

    PS. I know when I rant I get too wordy, especially if I am angry. I now will write the email and not send it, then I will come back to it an hour later and edit it. I may do this two, three or even four times. The key is to know what your weakness is, and find a way to overcome the weakness. For myself at work, I can also have problems following-up. So I'll place reminders in my outlook calendar to call someone, or to email a person back. The ironic thing is what I still consider my weaknesses, other people think are my strengths since I work so hard to fix my weakness.

    Good luck
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    Maybe it's a sign, maybe just maybe you are to be where you are. just saying