have any one had problems with union not reinstating your benefits on time

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    i have this problem that the union didn't reinstate my benefits on time so Ive been missing a lot of my appointments and now i have a bill that union doesn't want to pay. i am planning on suing the union hate how they take our money every month but they never are in the employee side.
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    Suing the union-----can't say I ever heard that before.
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    why were they taking away? did the big bad company do somthing to you? and the union you want to(sue )got your job back? you sound very mixed up you best really sit down and choose your battles, you will lose respect from company .the union . your co workers, i dont even know you.I have no respect for you even doing this post. you have one pair of boots i wouldnt want to be in.
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    Why did you lose your benefits to start with???
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    I was confused until rocketman showed up. Now I'm befuddled.
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    We had a driver like this. She is a FT swing driver that would go home 5/5 days a week at a time. Apparently she found out that if you do that and go to the doctor in the same week, UPS doesn't pay your insurance premium and the bill is your problem. After finding this out she still prefers to go home 5/5 when she can, just doesn't vist the doctor in that week.
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    Sorry, I have to call BS on this one. Benefits are not week by week----you work this quarter to get benefits for the following quarter.
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    I would have thought they weren't week by week either but apparently they are according to her denial paperwork from insurance to pay.

    Edit matter of fact I believe I discussed this with the steward because her bills were going into collections. I will double verify this tomorrow as I'm 95% certain that benefits are not given if you do not work 5 reports in a week.

    Edit2 just got off the phone with the steward and apparently after 1 week of no reports you are dropped from insurance.
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    I still call BS in order to drop you they have to notify that your going to be dropped. Then they have to give you the option of cobra (paying for insurance yourself). I would call your plan administrator and find out the TRUTH. Your steward isn't trained in health matters that isn't his job....

    In my area for FTimer you only have to work 150 or 160 hr in one month than you good for the next 6 months...
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    Maybe its that way in your area, but not here. Our benefits are calculated on a monthly, not quarterly, basis with 40 compensible hours per month being required to qualify you for benefits the following month. I have actually had claims denied for dr. visits on the 1st or 2nd of the month due to the company not sending the contribution report in until the 3rd or 4th of the month. The claims were paid after being resubmitted.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have to work 36 days in a quarter to get benefits for the following quarter.
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    I honestly don't have to worry as I work every day and never take no pays. I'm sure that how you are coded has something to do with it as well. I'm just relying what was told to me by the employee and the steward involved as she was seeking recourse with the local to get some help resolving this. I simply told her to come to work to avoid this but you can only lead a horse......
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    you know the great thing is i don't respect you either:devil3: