Have you heard of the Orion System, what do you know?

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  1. brownIEman

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    We are in agreement on the principle. I imagine we would disagree as to what truly constitutes "meaningless" in regards to reports and metrics. Most of the metrics that come down are not completely meaningless- even the 85% ORION metric has meaning. But they all need to be taken into context with the wider needs of the business- too often management focuses on one at a time and makes it the entire center of the universe.

    Just as often, hourlies do this same thing- project that what they were just talked to about is the only thing that management cares about.

    Both perspectives are flawed.
  2. JL 0513

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    Wow, had no idea. I've never seen the metric posted of course. Many parts of my EDD doesn't make sense. I would literally be driving miles for nothing. None of these systems can ever replace a human's knowledge and reasoning.
  3. Catatonic

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    Be careful with "can ever".
    Initial rollout is Phase 1.
    ​5 years from now, it could match driver knowledge on 95% of the routes, 95% of the time.
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    Its 2:00, I just finished my lunch, amd I have already run up 20 extra miles and wasted an hour of time dealing with misloads. I dont care how accurate ORION might potentially be, once you throw a misload or two in the entire solution is invalidated and it is up to the driver to use his area knowledge and experience to deal with the resulting issues. All we are doing with ORION is breeding an entire future generation of drivers who will be unable to solve problems on their own or work independently without ORION telling them what to do.
  5. Catatonic

    Catatonic Nine Lives

    Quite possibly.
    A system to enable untrained replacement workers during a strike.
    ​Sending out a newbie with Orion (say 4 years from now) will be much better than them figuring it out on their own.
  6. soberups

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    There arent enough supervisors on my center to provide anything close to an adequate amount of training for the dozen or so peak drivers we will need. It would administratively and logistically impossible for UPS to hire and train enough drivers to replace even 2/3 of our current workforce nationwide, especially when you factor in the increased cuts to management staffing levels and center consolidations. As a company we are way too bloated and top heavy; theres no way in hell you are going to pry the hordes of Regional Assistant Vice Presidents for Administrative Redundancy out of their cubicles and get them to brown up, grab DIADS and train replacements to do our jobs in the event of a strike.
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    Do you think those Vice Presidents of Redundancy would even know how to deliver much less train anyone else?
  8. JL 0513

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    I'm sure it could potentially be pretty advanced. I just have my doubts that it will beat a very experienced driver's decisions.

    Think about how advanced Google Maps is. Yet, once in a while I discover a street that Google Maps doesn't know exists. And it's not a brand new street.

    How about our own EDD system in place for years. It often still doesn't know the correct address order (highs/lows). That's a simple thing to know compared to other functions yet it isn't correct.
  9. cosmo1

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    I know that you are new, so I'll give you a little heads-up.

    When EDD (I believe it means Electronic Delivery Detail) was originally instituted, it was based on DOL (Delivery Order Listing, or something like that). DOL was set ideally up by the regular (bid) driver on every route. Back then, in the dark ages, loaders had a load chart for each truck that they loaded, set up by the DOL the driver wanted.

    EDD/PAS changed everything.

    If EDD sucks on your route, find the driver that ran it before EDD, and punch him in the n*ts.
  10. brownmonster

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    EDD/PAS had nothing to do with the way the route was before.
  11. cosmo1

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    No, the original DOL got changed a lot when EDD was implemented. Not right away, but over time stuff changed. Just think about how the occasional add/cut eventually became a permanent part of your trip.

    And, I still say that if your EDD is totally screwed up, go see the driver that originally built the DOL. I know that even though I had it set up pretty good on some routes, I wouldn't necessarily run it by DOL every day.
  12. JL 0513

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    How do you go about having glaring EDD mistakes fixed? Most are minor but some stops I literally have to put off for like 45 minutes because it would throw a big wrench into my travels to run them as listed.
  13. jumpman23

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    I never follow the dol. Always garbage with different dispatch every freakin day. The edd is usually all kinds of out of whack. I don't need edd to run a route the only thing I use it for is to tell me what stops are on the truck and the number of boxes for that stop.
  14. CharleyHustle

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    Your telling me that UPS is spending who knows how much money on the implementation of ORION, and they are only interested in saving "millions"? So when ORION gets put in my center, and they cut the route next to me and I'm delivering mine and the cut route, and working till all hours of the night still, that that's just because I can't grasp the concept?

    Man, you are good at this, I see a big promotion in your future!
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    Tell the jackass driver next to you to stop going home because now they are saving having to pay him.
  16. CharleyHustle

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    If we only had that power. My point is that not ORION, not EDD, not new power steering automatic package cars, not key fobs or bulkhead doors that open with a button, not DIADs, or the DOL, not PAS or PALs, not better loads, or reduced miles, will ever reduce the paid day. The only way to reduce the paid day is for a manager to dispatch the work as to allow the employee to get in earlier. That's it. It really is that simple.
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