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  1. LR7100

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    Has anyone recently applied for a job online with ups? We filled out an application for a possition for my husband about a month ago. The application was about 4 question... not really an application.... did it skip a step??? It still shows pending... just curious.... My husband has great qualifications but it didn't have an area to put any of it... ~ Laura
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    That's UPS for you. But our peak season is coming up. Which means, volume is going to go out the roof........literally, lol. For example, my shift requires 4 people, during peak season we planned it out to be using 6-7 people. They might contact you more towards november or the end of october. That's when I was hired 2 years ago. He'll be hired as a seasonal if they are looking for peak helpers. So don't expect to be employed after christmas unless someone quits or gets fired then he can fill that position. I find that if a shift needs someone, they won't hire, they don't care how much help we need. But when THEY need to look better by keeping their numbers, they'll hire. Good luck to you guys tho!
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    Canada doesn't even have a careers section. I applied through a blanket email ([email protected]) and got called back the next day.
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    Is he applying for part time or full?

    That happened to me a while back when I applied as well. Sometimes there is a glitch in their system and will not continue (as in it would stay in limbo...) After waiting about 3 days and it still said the same thing, I walked into the hub and spoke to HR in person and got it all corrected....

    Definitely, UPS needs more seasonal help as the PEAK time is arriving quickly... especially for part time "package handlers" - keywords for unloaders... So the sooner you get in, the sooner you can hope to fill a permanent part time position....

    Good luck!
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    I filled out a full online application back in April, then after not hearing anything after a week, I started calling non stop. The HR girl told me to fill it out again to keed it active in the system, so I did. Then I started bugging her. Finally got an interview (after being a former employee from 96-99) I guess my point is to be a pain. Keep emailing and calling etc, til you get a response.
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    The "application" online is not an actual application, the real application is filled out mostly on the day the tour is done, after they offer you a job, you fill it out, to run the criminal hx and all that good stuff.
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    I see thanks for all your responces.... I just thought that his application thing o nthe website shouldn't be pending for a month. oh well... he was trying for the FT Freight PU & Delivery Driver We can't take part time... my husband would be giving up a 15 year career. We need a job for him that will keep us settled in Utah near family (right now we move about every 6 months) Any suggestions for a job for somoene who is 32 has his CDL endorcements of haz mat - tanker - doubles triples - any magor companies out of Salt lake Utah that would pay $50 thousand plus a year.... ? THANKS! ~ Laura
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    Well, the on-line process at the beginning just gets the general information from an applicant like what shift you want to work, you are capable of lifting 70lbs, etc. Once they schedule you for the tour and if both parties are interested, they will setup additional forms to be filled out on-line. Once you are hired, on the 1st day, they will have more forms to fill out like union deduction form, etc.
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    UPS hires for feeder drivers. i know many feeder drivers who are OTS (Off the street)