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    In Thomas J. Robidoux, et al v. United Parcel Service, the Superior Court of Hartford found that Because it appears that the defendant is separately encouraging its drivers to deliver faster and more efficiently on the one hand and criticizing them heavily for unsafe work habits on the other hand without any coordination of those two forces, the court can only conclude that the safety program is but a facade. This conclusion is reinforced by the fact that the company does not investigate the cause of the injury. These two people were disciplined not for violation of safety but for filing workers compensation claims" REPORT ADDED 6/20/05
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    Its a systematic way to replenish the troops.
    Most drivers are safe,but a select few are chosen for "ex"termination.Often the reason given for dismissal have nothing to do with what one is accused of.If they decide they dont like you,you`re gone.
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    Some people repeatedly look for ways to not be on the job. If it isn't an injury, then it's frequent sick calls. In my 27 years at UPS, most the people who were fired had it coming: in fact, there are loads more that ought to thank God everyday that they still have a job.
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    most of the time your right sendagain,but my heart goes out to the guy with a sick family member who`s scrambling to do both jobs.Its sad to see a good guy go down for that.But production is their only interest
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    Here you go sendagain6160 .This came from a post hearing brief from OSHA.
    I read a lot of it some good reading about UPS and there postion on injurys .UPS thinks that people that are injuryed are actually depressed not hurt.It is carzy the crap they are trying to pull,even had this quack saying this is so .

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    What else will the company pull out of their rear end to keep from paying worker's comp claims?
    For those interested, scroll to the top of page 31 of the brief to read the testimony of some doctor from Sweden about how we aren't injured....we're just depressed.
    It appears his testimony was quickly disavowed.
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    So true trickpony .Every one should read this.
    Moreluck read this and stop cutt and paste ,what is your function on this board?

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    "Moreluck read this and stop cutt and paste ,what is your function on this board? "

    Who died and made you king, crappie?????????
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    More luck why do you have to hold the top thread on this board?
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    Are you a secret agent with UPS ,lol.
    King Crappie
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