Health Benefits for a re-hire PT Air Driver

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    I have a question, i know i should be asking HR this, but I worked during peak and got re hired as a PT Air driver, I was wondering do i receive benefits? No one ever spoke to me about this, and I was just sitting here wondering. If anyone has any useful information, it will be greatly appreciated!
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    I think you have a 11.5 hr a wk requirement to maintain them once you receive them. You will receive them.
  3. Nickfury7

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    What will they be? First job I ever had with benefits, so I really dont knw how they work? And thanks for the reply!
  4. Backlasher

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    New part time hires work 1 yr. B4 getting benifits.

    Medical, Dental, & vision. The bennies R pretty good 4 part timers.
  5. Backlasher

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    Don't forget. These facts pertain to UPS employees & not boring little Trolls.
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    I can deal with the 4 hours of nightly chaos. I need my bennies, 6 months away. Can't come soon enough :)
  7. nystripe96

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    It's BCBS right?
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    It depends on what part of the country you’re from. It may be Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but it could also be Aetna.

    You should received a packet in the mail with all the pertinent info when your benefits due date approaches.

    You can also call or see HR.
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    I actually thought it meant Brown Cafe Bull :censored2: !! ( I just figured he was commenting on the answers he was getting)
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    Right.................. I thought the same thing. :happy-very:
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    I was a rehire. First term 1997-2001. Second term started 10/09. Got full benny's for family 6 months after re-hire. Depends on local contract. I work in a good local. Thank you local prez..
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