Health Insurance being dropped?


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I'm a full time driver in progression but since PAS Ive been dropped down to cover driver. I no longer have my own route. Iv'e been on call all year.
This year so far Ive only worked 365 hours.

Does anyone know how many hours I have to work to keep my health care active. And does it go by every 3 months or 4 months.

Im aware that it goes my union contract and it varies.
Maybe someone who is also out of the Binghamton NY local will know?


you would have to call your union hall to find out.. sounds like you will keep them but loose the year credit for the pension


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I assume that you are in the union and, as such, also assume that your medical insurance coverage is provided by Excellus BC/BC out of Syracuse. Provided that both of my assumptions are correct, you need to work 36 days in a quarter to get your benefits for the subsequent quarter. In other words, if you worked 36 days or more from 1/01/08-3/31/08 you would have coverage 4/1/08-6/30/08. It has been a long time since I have had to worry about working enough to have coverage but I do hear some of the younger kids talking about getting their 36 days in. 365 hours divided by 8 is 45 days so you should be fine but, as was suggested above, call your local to make sure.

I don't know how many hours you have to have in a given year to get credit toward your pension for that year so you should also ask about this when you call the local to check on your benefit coverage.


I just received a letter stating that at least one hour of work has to be recorded for the month in order for insurance to be in effect. The hour can be regular work, sick day, optional day. etc... I'm in so cal.

kinda off topic: theres a lot crap going on with insurance lately. first they take away kaiser, then they reinstate it for people that had it last year automatically.


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Upstate im in the same plans as you, if hes a cover driver wouldnt that make him a PT employee? If it does then he only needs i believe its 120 hours per quarter to keep his benes.