Health insurance for part time supervisors?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Alexx, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Ok so I have been working in the hub as an hourly for coming up on four years now. I been sorting and unloading trailers.

    So I reached the point in my life where I can finally go back to school and finish up my college degree. I could really use the financial reimbursement that you get for being a sup because in our hub you don't get any tuition reimbursement unless you are a supervisor. A position is free and I just have one thing that is making me uneasy about diving into this.

    I am diabetic and I need to get my prescriptions every month. They arent cheap and cost probably in the area of $500-700 a month and under my current health insurance I don't pay a dime when I pick up the scripts and my copay for doctor visits is very small.

    I was wondering how good the supervisor insurance really is. I know for me being single with just myself on the insurance it will be a relatively small amount out of every check to pay for it. Anybody have any idea what the copay will be to pick up my scripts every month?

    I could really use the extra money I would be making too. I mean if it averages out to about the same meaning the pay increase offsets the extra money I have to pay for my prescriptions then I would be fine with it because if it pays for school its worth it.

    Anyway just wanted to get this straight before I give up my seniority and my shot (however slim) of going full time at some point. To be honest I would much rather finish school and quit ups altogether and do what I really want to do so if going supervisor is my easiest path towards this goal I would love to do it.


    I am not sure what it is now, but for the last 3 years the insurance for PT sups. has gone down hill, it got so bad I had to cut myself and my family off, for you it would be cheap to take out, but the copays and the deductibles are rediculous, it is not worth the extra money to give up the good benefits you have now, pt sups. are not the jobs you want.
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    Have you tried asking HR or your center manager about the cost and coverage of the insurance? Seems they would have the best answer and you'd also be showing your interest in joining management.

    PT sup is a rough job but if you're going to school it will make a great addition to your resume. Best of luck!