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  1. where in the agreements does it talk about when someone is eligible for insurance? ive read through the book given to me by the local but it doesn't appear to have it in there.

    everything I have read indicates 1 year, but people at the center tell me it is as soon as you make seniority
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    1 year from your hire date
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    1 year I believe, sick leave is under the article on sick leave. There's workers compensation if you are hurt on the job and your state should have disability insurance.
  4. Number24

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    1 year
  5. hondo

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    If the 'book given to (you) by the local' is the contract, it should be in there somewhere, probably under 'Health & Welfare'. But there are too many different Supplements, Riders, Addenda, Memoranda, Letters of Understanding, etc for anyone to answer your question without you posting more information. If you were to post what state you're in, and if you are part time or full time, that would be a good start.

    But really, your union shop steward or a knowledgeable coworker (in your same job class) is probably the best source of assistance regarding this. Or just look at the seniority list and ask someone (in your same job class) who has been there 1 year, when they got their health insurance enrollment packet.
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    365 days.
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    Leap year.

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  8. I am I upstate ny, part time. here is what happened. I was hired for peak November of last year, kept on after peak and just made seniority. a guy that started with my in peak and also stayed had received information from the union indicating what he was eligible for, but I had not, I talked to the steward and he said to call the union, I called and the union didn't even have me in the system, so it appears someone at ups didn't put me in somewhere. they sent me a form to sign and send in to get in the system.

    my immediate sup told me that health insurance came once you made seniority (my steward didn't know the answer), so I should be eligible based on what he says. everything I read and hear elsewhere says 1 year. I was looking at the book I was given but I don't see anything under that section. that's why I was asking, to see if anyone knew.
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    One year. You should automatically receive the paperwork and cards in the mail during your 11th month.
  10. Brownslave688

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    Depends. Hired before or after Feburary 29?
  11. thanks for the info. ill be eligible 4/1.
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  12. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    The people at your center are stupid. Trust what you read.
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    Im a ft driver and I was given ft benefits as soon as I passed my 30 days. Im in the west region and I was pt for a year before that so maybe that has something to do with it
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    I am an off the street hire and was given benefits after my 30 day qualification period. I am a ft permanent driver. Talk to your steward. If he doesn't know, call your local union. They may know the answer. Demand answers.