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  1. bscott85

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    correct me if im wrong but isnt UPS required to heat the building?

    i know theyre not required to have air conditioning inside, but they have to have heat right? (same as pkg cars)

    it hasnt gotten above 35 degrees here in our area in a couple weeks

    the building is SO COLD you can SEE YOUR BREATH

    ive brought this up to numerous supervisors who give me excuses of them having no control over it, that its corporate controlled, or that the heat is on we just cant feel it(thats BS cuz i worked midnight b4 and could feel the warmth) the union shop steward didnt even seem like he cared and just shrugged his shoulders

    i swear the other night my nose was almost frostbitten.. gonna have to start wearing a damn ski mask
  2. 705red

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    Many cities and suburbs have standards as to what the climate must be controlled at inside the warehouse. In the building I work at the suburb rule is 62 degrees inside in the winter which is defined Nov thru the end of Feb.

    I would contact them immediately,since you have already talked with management and vote your steward out the next election.
  3. tarbar66

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    35 degrees is not bad as long as there is no wind.

    As long as you don't have bad breath who cares.

    I think you are exaggerating about frost bite! Go ahead and wear the ski mask so no one has to look at your mug!
  4. PT Stewie

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    I work in a building outside the hub that is 12' wide and lined with overhead doors that are open most of the time.A lot of times this time of year 35 deg is not to bad.We have a heater but it blows cold before half the night is over.I have to wear gloves with the fingers cut out so I can sort and or bag next day letters .And forget about it when the wind blows you can freeze your cookies off.Someone always has it worse than you.

    Jeez I sound like my father saying "I walked to school 5 miles in the snow in my bare feet " LOL
  5. bscott85

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    when i say ABOVE 35 degrees i mean thats the maximum

    yesterday it was 17 here, with a wind chill of 2, bit different

    and i dont care how you have it

    my point is arent they required to turn the ****ing heat on?
  6. Brown287

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    So if we are discussing the minimum temp. then whats the maximum temp.? Heck when I preloaded I remember many shifts that where freezing but I never forget the ones that you would sweat your a## off!
  7. PT Stewie

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    Ditto that working in the unload in the heat and humidity of August !

    Hey BS85 bust the steward's chops and tell him to get the powers in charge to turn the heat up.
  8. jenniferlynn

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    So you think that 35 is cold?? Try 15 or 21 with a windchill of -2 in the wintertime, out on the ramp...WITH the wind blowing :) ...now that's some cold stuff there!! Yep, there's always someone somewhere else who has it way worse than you :) ...
  9. Old School Guy!!
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    We should start a subgroup on BC and :2cold:ccccall it the ccccold cccookies and cccold------ ahhh you know(for girls) Club.
  11. 705red

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    Big difference! I started at the airport and knew I would have to work outdoors in the weather just as you did. Now when you apply to work inside you do not think that you will have to dress as you were working outside.

    Ups must supply you with rain gear, why? Because its in the contract and so is building heat. So why should he not want a warmer climate when the contract speaks on it?
  12. jenniferlynn

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    Oh I wasn't trying to be rude...not at all. Yeah, they have provided rain gear. And he should want a warmer climate inside when the contract speaks on it. It does get cold loading those feeders, I have done it double-shifting and thinking I would be busting my ass, didn't dress right for it...so I got cold as well. My bad, wasn't meant to be an insult...
  13. jenniferlynn

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    Toastie toes, hand warmers...and nipple warmers :wink2: hehe...
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    Left myself wide open didn't I? :whiteflag:
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    I'm sorry, I am giving you a warning. You are never to make a post like that again....

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  18. Integrity

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    Dear bscott85,

    This is a very serious concern, Mommahenj wrote a blog about this and I have posted comments there. The inside temperature is a serious issue in both the cold and the hot times. UPS employees should stand up for what UPS policy claims.

  19. PT Stewie

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    What is UPS policy concerning building temperature ?
  20. companal2

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    Please chime in Plant Engineering.... In the meantime, THERMALS, THERMALS, THERMALS.