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    Got a late night email about the position of part-time package handler at the Phoenix international airport. Filled out the application and got my tour/interview scheduled for the 19th. I am very excited and looking forward to some hard work and money.

    This is a really cool site that I am very happy I found. Lots of sweet information about what to expect on here which is great.

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone!
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    Welcome, Sun Devil.
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    Hello, Swag. Good luck. Working in the airport can be fun. One tip: They will supply you with a security badge when you are hired. Don't ever forget that! that is your ticket to get in to work. Not everywhere is like that, but the airports are. the pace is swifter than in the hubs. It is somewhat easy, once you get the hang of it. As I said, Good luck and Welcome to the family.:happy-very: