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    So, I'm 18 . Just was re-hired into preload in June. Worked before & during peak last year but left to go to school. But, anyways.. I was approached by HR concerning a PT supe position. I have heard plenty complaints about supervisor positions... But realistically, would this be a good move ? Since im at basic pay now, It'll be a major pay bump. & I don't plan on staying within the UPS system anyways. After I finish school, UPS is not going to be on my mind. So getting screwed over & passed up on positions really isn't a major concern either. Tell me what you guys think.
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    send this to your congress man he might care
  3. TearsInRain

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    it's great experience and great pay for a student
  4. Baba gounj

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    Always looks good on a resume .
    That's if you can ever find another job.
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    I think that since you don't plan on staying with the company, have no loyalty to UPS, and likely little to no real work experience - nevermind management, you're exactly what UPS is looking for in a PT supervisor.
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    Haha, I completely understand what you are saying ! Seems like thats all you need to become one !


    It is up to you, all a PT Sup. is a pinata for Management a whipping boy so to speak, when things go wrong on the Sort all they have to do is point to you, then their boss tells them to fix the problem, they than come to you with ridiculous comments, threats and so on, if you are o.k. with that go for it, the pay is o.k., the benefits are horrible and nothing compared to the unions benefits. I say don't do it.
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    The best part time sups I've seen don't give a rats ass when management hounds them because they got no problem tossing them the keys at any time. This makes them able to focus on doing what they need to to make smart buisness decisions instead of worrying about some report. It's amazing how your attitude towards your work changes when you don't really have to be there and just do it because of the challenge.
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    I agree with Jack.

    The most stressed out sups seem to be the ones who do everything management asks of them.
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    Don't do unless you love stress and getting paid part time for being at work full time
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    Part time preload sups don't work full time hours. They show up a little earlier and leave a little later. This adds up to a few extra hours per week.
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    It's a good job for a student and as you said it pays more.
    If you feel very strongly about getting your degree and pursuing a career, a P/T sup on your resume looks good.
    Jack gives sage advice.
    The P/T sup has very little stress and pressure unless you let it. Be like a duck ... water off your back.
    The F/T sup gets all the stress and pressure.
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    I've probably typed something like this before but...(keep in mind my perspective is from a large Hub, and not preload)

    Most of the responses you are going to get are from union employees who have grown to hate management so much that they will try to dissuade you from taking a job as a p/t sup. I've always said, it depends on your goals what you should do. You say you don't want to stay at UPS after you finish school. If you are 100% certain, then I would recommend becoming a p/t sup. You will learn a lot, in particular how to deal with every type of employee. If you care about your job, it will be both stressful and fulfilling. The pay for a low seniority UPS employee is better than the union. You will leave less physically tired, but more mentally exhausted from the stress (and I really disagree with hoaxster, the pt sup gets all the stress and pressure, and the ft sup blames everything on pt sup).

    Having said all of that, be careful with today's job market. A degree isn't a guarantee for a decent paying job anymore. You don't want to be stuck as a p/t sup without a job. At least by staying in the union, you will eventually have a guarantee of a great paying job, as long as you don't do anything ridiculous to jeopardize it. By staying in the union, you also only have to worry about the work you do, not what the 10-20 employees that work for you do.

    Neither job is easy, but really think about the future before you make a decision. Management worked out for me, but I know plenty, even with FT sup jobs that regret their decision.
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    I hate to say it, but if your not staying to make ups your future, then do it. Make the money and leave. Good luck