help, can't get rehired?

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    i started working at ups back in November 05 and i worked there till July of this year(about 1.5 years), i was a great employee, i was EOTM at least 8 times, never missed a day and was only late once by 5 minutes. i turned in my two weeks noticed because i got a full time job during the day and really didn't have the desire or need to work two jobs. i told my supervisor, the head outbound supervisor, and HR director i would like to come back for peak season this year before i left. well it's getting to about that time so i logged on to UPSjobs and went to fill out an application and it told me i was not eligible for rehire. :confused:1

    any one know what’s up with this? i called the HR deapertment twice and no one answered. should i just go the the HR department and ask them?
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    I would stop in and talk to someone in person. There is a chance they made an error by accident on your paperwork and checked the rehire box incorrectly. I've heard that happend before. You have nothing to lose at this point, and it is always better to talk to someone face to face. Hope this helps.
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    I would stop in and chat with your old supe and Center Manager... If you were a great employee I am sure they would get this taken care of while you were there in the office...

    Peak season - they get a skilled worker - base pay - you have no union protection... It's win win for them... They should hire you and give you a Gatorade just for showing up...
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    In my area they have a blanket "no re-hire" policy but they certainly make exceptions and it is left to the discretion on the appropriate manager. I'd certainly stop in to talk to someone.
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    In the UPS policy books it states that no employee is eligble for rehire. It could be differnet in the driver department. I am in sales and if someone quits the company for any reason other that to pursue educational goals they are automatically ineligble for rehire. Even the employee who quits for educational purposes may encounter difficulties in getting rehired.
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    The whole rehire policy is a joke. I've seen people quit and come back up to 3 times and others not be able to be rehired even once. And they were good employees too. I don't see what the big deal is.
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    I separated in December '04 for educational opportunities and was rehired in January '07. I've left again for other opportunities, some of them educational, some not. My supe promised me positive rehire status but if I don't get it, its not a big deal. I think UPS and I have gone as far as we can in terms of being useful to each other. -Rocky
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    i went up there and they marked me as being "terminated" when i left. so he said he would have to go to my old sup. and the full time sup. to verify if i gave my two weeks and for me to give him a call tomorrow. and then they would have to go through corporate to fix the error so it might take a few days till i can finish an application.
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    Take that policy book with you to the restroom next time you go and use it the proper way. Please don't quote that outdated dribble on here!!!! Nobody follows that anymore, people quit and get rehired on a regular basis at my district!!!!!