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  1. BulkRoute

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    First time post here.

    I am a courier with FedEx Express that has been with the company for almost ten years. With all the bull crap we have been forced to eat over the past 4 years, I have decided to quit this job and give Fred the finger. I see the writing on the wall and I have decided to bail, cash out my 401k and use the money to go to a trade school. I have also decided to move back to my home state of CA where I have family to help with this transition, as well as help with my daughter and with the cost of child care.

    Now my question is how to get the most out of me leaving? I am sure that since FedEx likes to screw over it employees I will not be able to get anything out of my vacation. And what about sick time? I am prob going to try and burn all of those as well as my personal days.

    ​I am a hard worker, and my manager has just put in his notice as well. I would consider him more of a friend than my manger. So I am sure he will not have a problem helping me where he can. He has already agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. But he will be gone for several weeks by the time I give my notice.

    So aside from just leaving my truck full of freight and walking off in the P1 cycle with the keys locked in the back. Any advice for a guy looking to escape?
    Sorry for any spelling, grammar errors as I am typing on my tablet.
  2. fedupped

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    wow, be careful not to hurt your back and go on disability for 90 days.
  3. BulkRoute

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    Lol. I wish I could do that, but I was hoping to take a less fraudulent path.
  4. shelskye

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    You will be paid for any unused vacation time, plus personals and floaters. You will also be paid for any accrued vacation time you have earned for the following fiscal year. You will not get paid for any unused sick time. You will have had to have worked until at least the 15th or after to accrue vacation for that month. Also, you only accrue vacation time for ten months out of the year, not 12. The months of June and July do not count towards months worked....
  5. pougiezoey

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    Well I quit Express about a week ago. I got tried of the BS. But I had another job I was working and was in the process of getting a new job before I quit. I just no showed. I quit because I was running a extended FO route. Then I had to run P1's with one hour to delivery 15 packages in a major city. So if you quit make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Good luck.
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    All unused vacation time is paid to the employee.

    This depends on the state (unlike what another poster suggested). Some states require employers to pay departing employees for ALL unused time, including sick and other 'flexible days'. Other states have no such requirement and the employee will lose these days if they aren't used prior to departure. You need to ask someone in your station, to see if your particular state requires employers to pay for any unused time.

    Get his email and personal phone number then have him write up any letter AFTER you know he has terminated his employment with Express. I'd also hold off on having anyone call him 'personally' until you KNOW he has terminated his employment with Express. Using a former manager as a personal reference can be risky - there maybe things about this individual you don't know or suspect.

    I'd honestly recommend that you DON'T use this individual as a personal reference. Employers anymore will look for 3 or so 'personal contacts' to collaborate that you are who you say you are - then will verify your employment through separate means. The personal contacts are usually people that you've known for 3+ years that can attest to your character.

    The days of employers calling a prospective employee's former manager up are almost gone (at least for large corporations). If someone works for a small company, this practice is still followed, but for large employers, it is fraught with peril (for both the new and old employer). Most employers will only confirm dates of employment and (if specifically requested), salary and wage information. They WON'T have the former employee's manager speak with a prospective employer - too much potential for litigation from the former employee.
  7. MrFedEx

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    You will never regret leaving. I hope some of the sheep out there read this very powerful post and grow a set of nuts. Thank you, and best of luck once you leave this shathole company. How many of us ever thought it would come to this?
  8. overflowed

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    Good luck BulkRoute many will be on your heels.
  9. BulkRoute

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    Thanks for all the kind words and advise guys. You have no idea how much of a weight lifted off my shoulders once I made the decision to quit. I have been so stressed for so long. I have not been this unhappy in a job since I was held over for stop loss in the military.
  10. overflowed

    overflowed Well-Known Member

    Sorry bro. Tides will turn they always do.
  11. FUFred

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    I was at FedEx almost as long as you. I got fired, you can check out why in my previous posts. I have never been happier. I sleep so much better, and have lost about 15 pounds because I am able to run now. It was hard to run when I was scheduled 7am till 8 pm Monday-Friday. You will sleep better, feel better, no more stress, and it's the best feeling. It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. First night out of the prison I slept almost 12 hours, I woke up a new man. It was the best I've felt in years. Best of luck to you, you will not regret it one bit.
  12. TUT

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    Funny stuff! You can tell others to get out, but you won't and you should. You won't regret it, don't be a sheep. Just complaining here=0.
  13. MrFedEx

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    I'm a fighter. That means I don't give-up. It's all about educating the sheep TUT, and it seems to finally be sinking-in. As someone who is off the reservation, you don't really get it, but exposing the Express dirty laundry is immensely satisfying. In fact, it is intrinsically satisfying to educate others, especially the younger employees who can re-boot easily.
  14. SmithBarney

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    Can't wait til I can walk, probably won't do anything "exciting" but I'll probably take all my maps with me... ;) and a few Envelopes
  15. BulkRoute

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    Well I have my letter of resignation all typed up. Tomorrow is my day off (4x10 route), and I am going to burn a personal day on Friday. I will turn it in on Monday with two weeks notice. My wife wants me to call in sick all next week, but I think I am going to just keep doing the job like I always do and vanish like a fart in the breeze. People in my station that are in the know have been giving me high fives. lol. I think on my last day I will leave my truck with no gas in it.
  16. overflowed

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    You should follow your better halfs advice. Be easy man.
  17. Route 66

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    Now that just flat ain't nice at all. You really should do the right thing and leave the tank full........ of sand
  18. caravan42

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    I've been with express just shy of 10 years. I was a full time courier for 8 years. 1 and 1/2 years ago I pulled my head out of my butt, went part time and bought out of my apt lease early, and moved back into my families house so I could tackle school at a fierce pace. I am 30 so moving home was kinda ego crushing but I had no other option. Once I got over the shock of the intense change I had just made, I became so internally happy. Makes me wonder how I ever did that energy life sapping job in the first place. Someday in the near future I will be gone altogether , and that makes me even happier.
  19. BulkRoute

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    Yea, steps are already in place for me to get out of here, and I feel awesome. My daughter is already on her way to California to spend some time with my mother inlaw while we get things packed up. One week left in this job!
  20. SmithBarney

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    I've got it, book a flight on Southwest... get the flight privileges suspended again! That would be memorable!