Help! Need insider advice to get important packgage today!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by zibby3, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. zibby3

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    Hi! I really need to get this package for my little sister's bridal shower tomorrow. It's a special gift I had made for her.

    I had it sent overnight (They sent it Friday), but for some reason they wouldn't let me do a Sat. delivery. Well I know from tracking it that it arrived in Linthicum, MD this morning, and from looking at past packages I have tracked, I know it must be on its way to Laurel, MD. And I live basically in between the two cities! But everyone I have talked to says there is no way I can get it. I offered to pay more, pick it up, anything!

    They say it is going to get here Monday - but that means I won't have my special gift for my sister! It is just driving me nuts that it is so close and I can't get to it.

    Any insider advice? Creative ideas? Anyone I should call? I couldn't find the phone number of the Laurel distribution center to call them directly. Is there any hope for me to get this package by Sunday afternoon?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. beentheredonethat

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    I'll never say never with UPS. But odds are you are out of luck. The package isn't already on the car ready to go out Monday morning. If it was, it would just be a matter of going to the right car and finding it among the 200-400 other pkgs in it. It's probably either in an air igloo or more likely a trailer by now along with 2000 other pkgs. I'm kind of surprised the place you ordered from refused to ship it Sat Delv. It's not really any harder on their part. Granted it does cost more initially. But you wouldn't have this problem. To get the pkg, UPS would need to get the right trailer, put it on a door to unload from, have someone unload the trailer while looking for the pkg, and then reload it back up so the other 1999 pkgs or so can make it for delivery on Monday. This would be hours of work on a day when there are no people there to do that kind of job. Just a few air drivers out deliverying and picking up a handful of Saturday pkgs. Sorry I couldn't be more useful.
  3. Tarnsman

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    ///Miss, its probably still in Lithicum...I would call the 1 800 pickups number & explain your situation....If there are any old-time UPS people that can be contacted in either facility they will help the number you have....Good Luck !!....
  4. ImpactedTSG

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    Do you have any more sisters? If so, don't wait till the last minute to send their gifts or you will be SOL then too.
  5. cast

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    If they would not let you do SATURDAY DELIVERY that means it is not offered to your zip code would be my guess.
  6. HazMatMan

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    Why on earth would you wait till the last minute? And then depend on UPS to get it there on time.
  7. over9five

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    "Why on earth would you wait till the last minute? And then depend on UPS to get it there on time."

    Because that's what we do. Remember, "on time" is Monday. The shipper wouldn't do Saturday delivery.

    Your sister will love her present just as much Monday.
  8. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    As stated there may be some person who might be able to help if the package is in an area in which they could get to it,keep calling and you might find someone. If not we`re sorry. I don`t believe your sister will love you or your gift any less on Monday, tell her it meant so much to you that you worked on it until the last possible moment. She`ll understand.
  9. p1000

    p1000 Free at Last

    If your package is in Linthicum that means it is at BWI. Not sure if it would still be there or it will goe to Laurel hub Monday morning.
  10. HazMatMan

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    Yeah, I wonder why no Saturday delivery, Not like he lives in a 3rd world country.
  11. What can brown do for you?

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...


    If UPS or the UPS Store says the package can't be a Sat del, its not they won't "let" you do it. If we don't offer Sat del to that zip code you can pretty much resign to the fact that no one else does. To try to stop a pkg in transit is like making a hole in water, unless its a life or death situation you're better off waiting till Monday.
  13. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    so`d it go?
    did you manage to get it today?
    if not do you hate us now?
    I personally apologize for us not
    getting you your pkg on time.
    thanks for choosing the brown cafe`
    to get real answers,sorry if we couldn`t help.
  14. wily_old_vet

    wily_old_vet New Member

    DS-I'm also sorry the pkg couldn't be delivered Saturday but there is nothing for UPS or you to apologize for. On time is on MONDAY.
  15. ImpactedTSG

    ImpactedTSG New Member

    As the Wiley vet stated, the package IS on time. He waited too long to ship it.