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    Below is a quote from my region's rider to the contract. Am I the only one who interprets the bolded to mean that you must work at least a year before taking any vacation time?" I am pulling my hair out at the company's interpretation of this.

    "Employees with one (1) year of service
    and less than three (3) years
    of service with the Employer shall receive two (2) weeks (10 working
    days) of vacation with pay each year.
    Employees with three (3)
    years of service shall receive three (3) weeks (15 working days) of
    vacation with pay each year. Any employee who has ten (10) years
    of service or more, regardless of his/her anniversary date, shall
    receive four (4) weeks (20 working days) of vacation with pay each
    year. Any employee who has twenty (20) years of service or more
    shall receive five (5) weeks (25 working days) vacation with pay
    each year. Any employee who has twenty five (25) years of service
    or more shall receive six (6) weeks (30 working days) vacation with
    pay each year. Any employee who has thirty (30) years of service or
    more shall receive seven (7) weeks (35 working days) vacation with
    pay each year."
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    You need to have one full year of service to receive vacation. Thats how it is.
  3. Camping Nana

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    I totally agree!!!

    SO - when you separate from the company after a number of years, shouldn't they pay you accrued vacation for the current year?

    Example: You are entitled to four weeks vacation. You have determined that you are going to retire in September. During the months prior to September you take your four weeks vacation.

    Wouldn't it seem logical to you that the company would owe you a vacation check for accrued vacation from January of the current year until you leave the company at the end of September?
  4. brownmonster

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    That's how it works. When guys retire in my center they get any unused vacation plus whatever was accrued for the current year.
  5. upsgrunt

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    Around my parts retirees have to file to get it; it is not an automatic thing. Big surprise.
  6. Camping Nana

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    The BIG surprise around here is that not only is it NOT automatic - but you have to file a grievance and even your shop steward and BA tell you that you aren't going to get it because you can't prove that you didn't take any vacation the first year you were employed! "UPS records don't go back that far..." :biting:

    Give me a break - who keeps their check stubs after 20 years (or more)...
  7. UPSGUY72

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    You don't Accrued vacation during the year. At the begining of your vacation year you get all your weeks. If you had senority you could logically take all your weeks duringthe first two months of your vacation yr.

    We have people that retire on Jan 1 just so they can get an extra 6-7 weeks of vacation pay.
  8. UPSGUY72

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    AT the end of each year any unused vaacation is paid out to you and you start over. You can't not take vacation one year and get twice as much the next yr it doesn't work like that.
  9. Camping Nana

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    So are you telling me that the vacation you take in 2009 was not accrued and earned in 2008?

    Doesn't the following paragraph from the rider indicate that vacation is accrued each year?

    "After ten (10) years of employment, prorated vacation shall be
    granted on the basis of one and two thirds (1 2/3) days
    for each
    month of employment.

    Wouldn't this seem to indicate to you that since you were employed January - September, you would have accrued 15.03 days that they owed you for when you retired?
  10. Camping Nana

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    No one is asking for twice as much. ..... read my above post with the quote from the rider regarding accrued vacation.

    I don't want something that is not mine - but this is the way I interpret the contract. They say since we cannot PROVE that I didn't take vacation DURING my first year of employment, they don't owe me anything.
  11. brownrodster

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    I think it's different everywhere. Every year on my seniority date I get all my vacation weeks on my pay stub.
  12. Camping Nana

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    The above bolded is not the point at all!
  13. Camping Nana

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    Oh that would be nice..... on our pay stub, the vacation is listed as a negative when you take it.... ???? And it is hardly ever correct!
  14. UPSGUY72

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    I believe that is if you don't work the minimun 120 days a year. I understand what you are saying. All that I know is that at the begin of your vacation period they tell you how many weeks you have based on the years of service.

    I read my rider and there is six pages about vacation if you read too much into it you confuse yourself.
  15. UPSGUY72

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    If you didn't take your vacation the first yr after you work 135 days then they paid you for it at the end of the vacation year. If you didn't work 135 days the first yr you didn't get a vacation week.
  16. Camping Nana

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    Incoming PM
  17. UPSGUY72

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    Even IF you could prove that they didn't pay you for your vacation the first yr and IF they decide to finally pay you for it it would be at the pay rate then not now.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    How many years you been working for UPS ?? Vacation time isn't to hard to figure out. 1yr = 1week, 2yr = 2week, 10 yr = 3weeks, 15 yr = 4 weeks, 20 yr = 5 weeks, 6 yr = 6 weeks. you can get a 7th week if you choose the option week.
  19. Camping Nana

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    The number of weeks is not the question.... the question is:

    Is the vacation you take in 2009 EARNED in 2009


    Is the vacation you take in 2009 actually EARNED in 2008 and you are eligible to take it after January 2009 ?
  20. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    I'll try to help you out.
    I started in February 2008... didn't get any vacation all year long.
    Booked my 2 weeks vacation for August 2009.

    But, that doesn't answer your question really.
    Here, with 2 weeks vacation per year (low seniority), you get 4% of your earnings towards vacation pay, every week (and it shows on your paystub- and adds up as you go)

    i.E : you earn $1000 per week. $40 goes towards vacation pay.
    The week after it will show $80.00 (total vacation pay on pay stub).

    Ofcourse $40 X 52 weeks = your vacation pay for the year = $2080 (2 weeks).

    Now, for the first year I worked.. from Feb - Janaury, I didn't get a pay out. But, it was all added on to my total vacation pay.
    So, then in 2009 (the first eligable year).. you make good on it.
    (more vacation pay, then if you worked it). Or you can tell payroll to pay you out in February , for the vacation pay earned within the first year.

    Thats how it works here, should be the same in the USA.