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    Can anyone tell me some information of where I can get help. I injured myself last week and was to be on light-duty for a week. My light-duty orders are being ignored and they are having me do pretty much what my job was. The only thing they are not having me do is lift the heavy packages. Doctor's orders were to be on my feet for 30 minutes - off for 30 minutes. I worked my 3.5 hours straight for the last 2 days with no sitting time. I called the help desk and they want me to report it to corp. and go from there. Can anyone tell me what I should do? Thanks!
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    I would suggest telling your manager this, that you will not stand for 3.5 and WAD (if you have not already; youd be surprised what management knows and doesn't know because they're ignorant)

    I suggest working for 30 minutes then walking to the break room and sitting down for 30, as doctor requested.

    The problem is; in most buildings (to my knowledge), if you're on light duty - management only has to garauntee you (2) two hours and then can send you home.

    So bottom line: if you want to get paid for 3.5, you'd better WAD.

    Otherwise - work 30 relax 30 and let them come to you for reprimanding and sending home.
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    Follow your doctor's orders. I would remind the people in the safety office what your doctor's orders are. Stand up for yourself and let them know you would like to get better and that will not happen if you're not able to work as the doctor directed. Otherwise, if you keep allowing them to pressure you to work, they will not stop and you could potentially make you injury a lot worse. You have to ask yourself whether or not it's worth it. They will not give you a raise or a medal for working while injured. The only thing you'll get is more pain. I do believe they have to give you your 3.5 even if you're on TAW. Get a copy of your injury report!
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    Remember the old days when light duty meant you stood around and watched management work?