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    Not sure why you would want me involved since you think I'm an idiot and a liar.

    A couple of questions:

    1) why are drivers working the preload? Is your center still playing catch up from the storms you had?

    2) If customers are going crazy because of the coding then I should be able to assume your center is recieving multiple customer complaints. this leads me to believe there are other reasons last weeks weather problems are still being used as an excuse. It also leads me to believe the decision to code them weather is being made at a higher level then your center manager. That decision is usually made at the district level. The district IE/OE divison manager and the district manager usually make that call based on whatever information they have.
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    To summarize I think the decison was made at a higher level. Even if you call anonymous I think your center manager will guess who made the call. This is not one of those integrity issues someone can easily hide. The customers can and do track their packages and know what going on. Once they start complaining to their Business Development folks the cats out of the bag. Only an idiot for a center manager would risk losing his job for any integrity issues much less one like this where its way too easy to get caught. It sounds like you've built up a good relationship with your center team ask them point blank how the decision to use the weather exception is made. I think you'll eventually get your answer.
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    Kid, Tie is correct that calling the toll free number will NOT help your situation in any way. As he stated, the decision was made at center, district of division level. If enough customers care about it and call, they will change the way it is done.

    Give you an example of now air is run here. We get any where from 3-20 line flights a week to our center. THe airport is about 25 miles from the center. They usually get to the airport by 11-12 and the airport calls the center to let them know they are there. They in turn send me a message to pick them up when I go by there for the drop box pickup in the evening, and bring them to the center for delivery the next day.

    Now, you have NDA that not only is late, but will not even be attempted untill the next day. So why go through all the $$ to line flight the package?

    ITs called cost. Since the package is allready late, the customer will and can get a refund. We will not have all the extra cost of sending an airdriver down to pick them up and deliver them that day, which in this area could be as much as 6-7 hours if in the right places. I have gone by there and picked up a package, and knew that the customer was still open and droped it by there, but that is the exception to the rule. And it is hard for the customer to know that a package is waiting at the airport for them, and they can not go pick it up themselves. So we catch a lot of flack, and loose some business because of that.

    We took it not only to the district office, but also to the regional manager, and the answer was the same. We have to keep the costs in line, so that is the way we will do them. WE asked why they were lineflighting packages in, if we were not going to pick them up to deliver. HE stated that they were not supposed to do that any more, as it was too $$ also.

    so it is not just in your area, it happens all over.

    d Try answering a rezzy customer that states, "Hell I paid an extra dollar to get that here over every body else, and you still didnt get it to me.
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    Oh and one more thing. that package that just dissapeared on the 21st of Dec, the one that was coming to me from my brotherinlaw(his christmas presents for his grand children). IT showed being in our center on the 21st. No other scans till the friday after new year, when they finally delivered it. No other explanation as to where it has been. So as a customer, what am I to think. They have had it somewhere in the building, but would not deliver it as promised before christmas. WHY?

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    I just wanted to find out what I thought was true. That this isnt UPS policy. I am in a very bad position. You see I have 3 kids and my wife doesnt work.I chose to have my wife not work for the benefit of my family.(this is her choice too). I count on overtime to get by. I have pissed off managment before and the way they punish me is to give me 8 hours of work a day. They know I want the overtime and because I due a near scratch job, 10 years safe driving, safety co-chair and near zero complaints they give the extra work(nobody else wants it anyway). I would hate to have my family due without because I blew the wistle.
    Kid L
    I think I am missing something. I understand your concern for your ot and your family. My question is why would you post on this message board or tell your customers about the problem if you are afraid of loosing OT? Which is more important, your moral and ethical convictions or some OT? I am not trying to be a wise a++ but why would you tell the customer and post here and not call an ethices # or someone at ups about the problem if your concern is being found out. If a customer complains it is not hard to find out who told the customer.
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    IR: I don't think he has told his customers yet, but they know because of tracking.

    d: That package may have just gone on a little holiday to Hawaii and back? Ask it if it got you anything.
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    Every company has problems. Now that ya'll have just pulled down UPS's pants and showed the world their ass let me just say this. Yes, sometimes we have a hard time getting it done. Think about it people. It's a huge operation. Sometimes it's weather, sometimes it's bad management, and sometimes it's just employees who don't seem to care. Most of the time though we seem to get it done. I'm proud to be a part of it.
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    Great post!!
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    IR1937. The reason for the post is to find out if any other centers are doing it and try to stop it.(I never told my customers) We all know that it was the wrong thing to do. I mean think about it for a second. If you have been reading or listening to any of Mike Eskew's speeches. You will hear him say that due to the poor ethics of companies like Enron , Tyco, and world com the consumer no long trusts big business. It is now paramount that companies like UPS protect their brand names by making sure they are acting with the highest of ethics. If it takes as Dammor has put it "showing UPS's Ass" for a brief moment to show them that they are drifting off the right path then I have done what Mike Eskew would want.
    We are now all working in a glass house. The consumer can now turn on their computer and tell where their package is and where it has been. No longer will it be ok for a driver or managment person to take a shortcut without affecting the consumers perception of UPS. And seeming to get the job done is no substitute for doing the job right and the way we promised the customer we would do it.
    Which is more important, your moral and ethical convictions or some OT? Would you risk your children having less because of something like this. No you wouldnt. Posting here might stir up the right people to keep these caustic actions from doing any more damage.
    Tie I wanted you to post because when you dont have an ax to grind you seem to provide all the facts you know without any bias. Never called you a Liar.
    P.S. I am proud to work for UPS. Today all packages that were not attempted were missed packages. Back to normal.
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    "Most of the time though we seem to get it done." Dammor I think your missing the point, its not good enough to muddle through, somehow. "If you don't plan to succeed, then you plan to fail". Bad management and poor employee standards are not acceptable. the weather is something UPS doesn't control (yet).The original post from kidlogic clearly states that the management in his centre are cheating the customer. Like me your proud to work for UPS, but I would hate going to work everyday knowing that my management team are letting me down. I want to do a 100% job everyday, but out of four managers I've had and five supervisors only one improved the operation everyone else has held it back.
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    Dammor I think your missing the point, its not good enough to muddle through.

    OK UK, I know you don't know me nor do I you. I have been at UPS for 23 years and have NEVER thought doing less than my best was accebtable. You have seen 4 managers, I have probable seen 12. I won't even try to count the sups. You and Kid can ram your heads against the wall all you want, but in the end the best you will accomplish is a hurt head. Point is, do your best and at the end of the day you will feel good about yourself on the way home. Kid just said things were back to normal there. Do you think this web site made that happen? I doubt it. A better guess is that they were having a problem with personnel. That could be a management problem or just a bunch of employees that didn't show up. And by they way Kid, I doubt very seriously UPS is drifting off the right path. This company was on right path before you were born and thank God has stayed on it despite some of it's the employees attitudes. I feel sure it will remain that way long after we are gone. If you really care about UPS then just go to work and do the best you can. If everyone did that we wouldn't be having this discussion.
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    UK was talking about one losing a sense of pride in ones work when he or she feels like they are not doing things on the up and up. Which I hope every UPSer would feel the same.
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    I understand what you are saying Kid, but in this instance you and UK are singing to the choir. Did you understand my post? A persons sense of pride comes from doing the best they can. If you see something that disturbs you then do what you can to change that also. Before you loose a limb though, try to figure out what is causing the problem. The cause may surprise you. Some things you will not be able to change to your satisfaction. I have found the only thing I can change is myself. If ya'll find a way to make everthing just right all the time I would love to jump on that ship.
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    Kid: you say that you are now sheeting packages as missed and things are back to normal - sounds like the right time to go ask your manager about the situation without making a stink!