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    This is what is happening in my center. My run is a high mileage run. Its min max is 62 to 75 stops.Lately I have been going out on the same run with 100 to 110 stops per day. We have been having a few storms so the stops have been backing up. But this is what gets me. We had a storm 2 days ago. Today I brought back to the Building 40 stops!!! Guess what no missed. A perfectly sunny day not a cloud in the sky .Our building managment team makes us sheet them as weathers. This wouldnt bother me but they have been doing this since Christmas. In fact I have packages from 12/30/02 still on my truck. Some packages track 10 days on my vehicle. Also the customers are going crazy. The shippers cant get their money back because they are sheeted as weathers and I cant get the packages delivered because I have on paper a 11 to 12 hour planned day but I am capped to stay under 10. they can use the "weathered" as an out. There was one run that goes out with 85 stops as an 9 hour day. On a day which we knew there would be snow they purposely put 130 stops on the run knowing that the driver would only due between 75 to 85 stops and they could weather the rest. We are not just weathering ground packages. Some guys are weathering nextday airs 2 or 3 days. Guess what ???WE have drivers working preload!!!!!
    Managment is using weather to cheat our customers. You try looking a customer who has a computer in the eye when their nextday air package has been on your truck for 2 days and they want an explanation why they didnt get their package. Do I tell them that my boss has a 18 run plan with 22 run worth of volume. Is this right ? Is this what UPS is going to due to pay for this new contract because if it is they can have the raise back because we wont be in business long with service like that.
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    Sounds shady......
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    I would call my bosses' boss if I were you. If nothing happened, their boss. That is absolutely wrong. I would also tell my boss that I was going to tell my customers if nothing different happened. All after talking to my steward of course. If your steward is in the take, you can tell by their reaction. IF that is the case, I would call my BA. If my BA is in the take, I would call my pres.

    Anyway, you get the idea.

    No matter what, customers pay the bills. They are more important than anybody else.
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    The buisness plan is the Bible for UPS managers. They do not have the authority to cut in runs, only what the plant calls for. Or at least that is the line. As to the customer, they can and should call in a complaint. But if you have talked to some of the employees/temps at our call centers, you would understand why few people do. They just dont have the time to do something that is a lost cause before they ever start. It is a real eye opening experience.

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    If your post is factual then do whatever it takes(to use a union cry) but don't go to the customer. UPS will not accept that kind of behavior from anyone. There are all kinds of ways to fix this if it is happening other than posting it here or taking it to the customer.
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    I had 21 "weathers" today and was told that this is going to be UPS policy. If weather in any way impedes delivery then... That means if it snowed a month ago and roads are covered with snow today we have no responsibility do deiver the package.IR1937 how do I stop this. I just want to find out if anyone else is having the same problem
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    ir1937 is a company guy if I remember right. He says do whatever it takes, without telling the customer. Shake the trees, someone with some authority will fall out. Our regional guy is going to be here tomorrow, certainly yours makes the rounds sometimes.
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    What about making a call to corporate? I would tend to believe the direction your center is taking is coming from your district office, so going to your district manager will be fruitless! Anyone have a fax number for corporate....maybe someone should fax this string over to corporate to see what Brown Can Do You for You (and your customers)!!!
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    If you can't physically do it why are you taking it out of the building? Here we're told to put 8:30 time commits in signature mode on the DIAD yet we may not get dispatched till 8:30, I refused. If its not possible I tell the supervisor. Otherwise some new supervisor comes along and checks my DIAD records and starts asking why I've failed timed deliveries.
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    IF YOU falsify your delivery records, and they catch you (and they will), YOU will lose your job, not your supervisor. Remember, They do not ever tell you to do something wrong!

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    Gut feeling...its going to be an interesting year...
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    kidlogic: if your post is factual, tell your story to someone from Security. What you are doing for your management team is covering up packages that you should be delivering if we can physically get to them.

    Using the business plan as an excuse is wrong. If the manager has the packages to deliver, then he or she can make their case to the division manager and they can make it happen. This does sound shady!

    I don't know about your weather, but I don't think roads have been left snow covered since those December 30th packages you are talking about.
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    I just wanted to find out what I thought was true. That this isnt UPS policy. I am in a very bad position. You see I have 3 kids and my wife doesnt work.I chose to have my wife not work for the benefit of my family.(this is her choice too). I count on overtime to get by. I have pissed off managment before and the way they punish me is to give me 8 hours of work a day. They know I want the overtime and because I due a near scratch job, 10 years safe driving, safety co-chair and near zero complaints they give the extra work(nobody else wants it anyway). I would hate to have my family due without because I blew the wistle.
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    Where is TIEGUY on this thread. One in which is very important he stays away. What gives????
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    I don't think TieGuy would comment in this thread. If Kidlogic and Local 480 are involved it cannot be important.
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    You didnt read the thread did you????
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    I think you should call the ethics hotline.

    If packages are being sheeted as weather even though there are no problems, this is wrong.

    The number is:
    (1-800-220-4126 )
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    First let me say, You are right! There is something very wrong in your center. Im amazed customers arent complaining, which I believe is the only way to fix the problem.
    Second, Your best option is to forget about the right thing, and just do as your told. (Its not just you, right? They have given all the drivers these instructions, right?)
    Sooner or later it will bite your manager in the :censored2:.
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    I like Jacks idea, tho (provided its anonymous). If you do it, call from a payphone so you avoid any callerID.
    Think about whether they'd suspect it was you first, too. Have you said anything to anyone? Maybe its not such a good idea....I stand with my last post.
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    Jack whom am I talking to if that number is called???
    UPSGOAT I have no problem with you. I dont think that you thought your comment through before you posted it.
    You see if things are the way I say they are. My customers arent the only one suffering. I have seen a couple of my air accounts lost over the years by drivers on the delivery end who either misdeliver, make no deliver attempt but sheet as they did, or just give the customer a hastle while delivering their package and we lose the business. The business we are going to lose isnt going to be our pick-up volume its all of yours.
    You see Goat there are times for bickering and there is time to do the right thing. This would be one of those times to do the right thing.