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    i just finished 1 year. i have not joined the union. my question is, am i still qualifying for a pension?:sad-very:
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    I don't understand, why are you not in the union yet, are you a package car driver.
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    First of all, you're stressing over one year, and I'm assuming since you are 1 year new and likely a part-timer, you're not even stressing about a full years' credit.

    Second, why should you be entitled to contractual union benefits if you're not in the union?
  4. UPSGUY72

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    You need to contact you HR rep they can help you to see if your going to be entitled to a pension if you meet the hour requirements.

    You not entitled to a Pension until you have 5 year vested. In order to have 1 year vest you have to have worked the minimum required hours for that plan year. The plan year runs Jan 1- Dec 31. The minimum hours to have 1 vested year in my area is 750 hours again during a period between Jan 1 and Dec 31.
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    call us when you join are the dues gonna break you/? for this information you asked on this site there is one person than can answer you your shop rep let us know what he tells you:dissapointed:
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    By Law, as a Bargaining Unit Member, you are entitled to exactly the same pay, pension, health insurance, seniority, grievance processing and other working conditions as a union member. The entire Union Contract applies to you just as it applies to them. This is because the Union insisted on being government-certified as the exclusive Collective Bargaining Agent and Representative of the entire Bargaining Unit, not just their dues-paying members.

    But as was said, you normally need five years Vesting Service to be eligible for a small pension, usually payable at "Normal Retirement Age," age 65.
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    in this day and age , the mouchers and looters in this case (bigdukes2) another freeloader who wants something free (protection,benefits,job security) without contributing anything to the Union for fighting for those such things the freeloader is seeking (sorry if it sounds harsh, but Im trying to type without cursing) . Society by and large for some reason now thinks programs such as welfare,wic food stamps and in this case being a Union member should come at no cost and is paid for by some rich elite . Its time for people to pay for themselves , and I do understand if you are physically unable or have some type of mental issue that does not allow you to provide and or pay your share . But Bigdukes already said he/she has been employeed at the same company most of us have been employeed at for the past 1 year , meaning he is able physically and mentally to do so . Stop scabbing and do your part , pay the dues , we do . Yea , sure the benefits will be provided to you the wether you pay dues or not , atleast in my region/district , but remember wether you have a conscious or not that most everybody you work beside are paying their dues and are contributing to pay for you , and when the time comes , yur co-workers will find out if your in or not and sometimes that can make things uncomfortable . Being in the union does not necessarily mean you have to agree with all that they are associated with politically or idealogically , but paying your dues does give you a voice .
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    I think you should be join any union because this is best for you and you were feeling busy to your self because if
    you are still alone and have no join the any union then may be you can face mentally disturbance....
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    Yet we should cut teacher pay and benefits?
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    Either Kleins really drinking or off his meds.