Here come Payroll issues


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I'm on vacation this week. The check I recieved for this week was 45 hours straight time at the old wage. Should it not be 9 hours at old wage and 36 at new wage? Will be interesting to see if this is corrected come Fridays check. :crying:


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There should be an adjustment on your next payroll check. If you have a question how they are showing this adjustment, check with your center payroll person.

Yes, it does happen every year and yes, we always get paid the raise.

Take care in the high heat this week. Glad I'm on also on vacation this week.


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Your raise is on your check. For some reason the old rate of pay is still on there but the amount should be right.

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In past years when I took vacation during a raise it would list hours and the old rate but when you calculated gross pay it included the raise.

It was just payroll's way of fudging the numbers. You wouldn't payroll to feel left out.