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    UPS Not Happy? Robert Yates squelched rumors about selling his team, but buzz persists regarding driver Dale Jarrett and the UPS sponsorship. With a yearly investment of $16 million, UPS isn't taking the recent turmoil on the #88 team lightly, and there has been talk that if Jarrett leaves Yates, UPS will go with him. That would make for an impressive package for an organization looking for a sponsor. Some believe Jarrett, the 1999 Winston Cup champion, will finish his career with Joe Gibbs Racing and team manager Jimmy Makar, his brother-in-law.(Sporting News)(7-28-2003)
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    As long as he keeps the number 88! UPS will follow 88!
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    NASCAR Notebook
    Selling race teams might be good business move for Yates
    By Mike Mulhern
    Monday, July 28, 2003
    > Though veteran car owner Robert Yates insists he's not trying to sell his two Winston Cup teams, rivals say they have noticed in Yates an increasing disenchantment with the ownership side of this sport and point out that his engine-leasing operation is much more profitable, with fewer headaches. A Yates engine deal costs about $2.6 million a year. While Yates is a staunch Ford supporter, without the baggage of a race team, he might be able to expand his engine leasing operation to other brands as well.

    'I heard the first rumor that Robert wanted to sell his teams and just build engines probably at least five years ago, and I asked him about it, and he confirmed it at that time,' Jack Roush said. 'But I haven't talked with him about that lately.'