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    In Jan. preload safety sent me up to see a woman in the Data Acc area about jam breaker poles. I told her I would order them through my boss that day. I did. Never heard anything from my boss. In Feb I sent a follow up on the order, again no acknowledgement. Did the same in March, again no acknowledgement. Well this morning I finally got a response. A note on the order said they can get their own jam break poles. PE does not order. This note on the order was from the hourly PE clerk. 5 months to find out that PE doesn't order them.:woohoo: Great job PE!!!
    BTW I have been here a long time and I have ordered my fair share of jam breaker poles and I always ordered them through PE. # 2 for today also involves orders: The Pe management has been replacing our lost tools for years. Many years ago the management said they would rather just buy replacements than have us spend our time searching for small hand tools that were sometimes misplaced during jobs. For years we were encouraged to make sure that the tools were not in the equipment and to look for them but don't spend too much time because it is cheaper for them to just replace them. Well you must have guessed it. Today an order for a replacement wrench was denied, again with a note saying "We don't replace Lost tools. This statement is a lie. What a joke. Well at least I didn't have to share this :poop: with my family. Whatever!
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    File a "past practice" grievance.
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    thats not it. Operations can apparently order them through the normal supply system. Pe does not need to order them for them.

    somebody probably sent an email that no one read. We are so lucky to have PE Pro here to share these earth shaking revelations with us.
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    Sound to me like PE Pros old manager was asleep at the wheel. Many of the things that are being addressed should have been addressed long ago. The mentality that just because we always did something wrong in the past somehow justifies continuing to do it wrong is unfounded.

    Abuse of gloves, sleeves, grinders, tool replacement, ordering materials for other departments, grinders are all well know issues that the previous manager should have addressed. Looks like the free for all is coming to an end. That's a good thing in my opinion.

    What's next? The new manager is an idiot cause he's making the PE folks do some work that requires more than a flashlight????

    Among the full time hourly jobs at UPS, PE hands down has the easiest job (excluding the airline mechanics that sit in the lounge all day)

    If you catch a PE guy doing some "real" work I'd like to hear about it.
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    5 months to get this information out? months of avoiding the question? You have to be UPS management to justify this incompetence. Or is it a management wanna be? :blahblah:
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    PE PRO,
    I agree that taking 5 months to communicate with our internal customers is not good. General info for whoever needs it - PE would procure jam break poles back in the day before there was a standard piece of equipment and they were being fabricated locally. Some time ago a standard piece of equipment was created because some of the locally made items were really lacking in a few areas. Since it is now standard equipment, operation is supposed to order them the same as all their other supplies.

    Regarding the tools, do you have a tool allowance in your contract PE PRO?
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    Reading your "earth shaking" posts is almost as much fun as reading the national enquirer.

    I found someone that might keep you happy.

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    I heard some good news today. It appears that PE Pro is scheduled to recieve some valuable training next week. His boss is personally going to train him on a new invention called a telephone. He wil then be given training on how to call his boss. Once complete he will then be able to call his boss directly when he has a concern instead of hoping his boss reads his posts on the brown cafe. :water_happy:
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    just for kleenex. :happy-very:
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    Typical management tactic, keep everything verbal. :thumbdown
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    ah um if my memory serves me right you started it verbal.
    Now I realize you're probably not the brightest pe [-]pro[/-] in the barrel , but see if you can follow along.

    Safety committee asked for shephards hooks though you a pe [-]pro [/-] called thim jam breaking poles.
    you accepted the responsibility of getting with your boss and ordering them.
    You failed to do more then leave a note. No follow up, no phone call no additional effort of any type to follow through on the responsibility you accepted.
    five months later an answer finally falls in your lap due to no effort of your own to get that answer
    you then come on here and start a thread to lamblast ups when you're really lamblasting yourself because it was your responsibility to quickly get that answer.
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    Starting, starting are you joking. I have been in this company and department for years and years. Of course I am a dumbarse. Only a dumbarse wouldn't be able to do something more worthwhile for a living but so what. That does nothing to change the incompetence of my supervisor in the topic post of this thread. You have finally answered at least one question. Oviously you can't read.:peaceful:
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    I think my eyesight is fine. You clearly stated that you accepted the responsibility to get the "jam breaking poles" (surprised you don't know the part name but what the hey) I then see you start a thread and try to blame your supervisors incompetence when it was your responsibility and therefore your incompetence. Since you accepted the responsibility of getting the poles ordered aren't you really telling us how incompetent you are.

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    It only took him a few days to figure out that jersey gloves and sleeves weren't approved and his lost tools weren't approved.

    The orders are not typically placed by management, but require management approval. The approval status is available electronically almost immediately. The notes referred to are not likely hand written. These"notes" appear in the approval status "note" field. System is the same wheter the order is an ink pen or a handtruck or a PE part.
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    If you have been in the dept for many years it might be time for a can you even attempt to order something when you do not know the name it goes by. By the way those brown things next to some off the gathering belts are not trucks, they are package cars.
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    "duuuuuh, hey boss can you get me one of dem tings those people over der use to brake jams on one of dem big silver contraptions that look like tread mills?? :treadmill:Tanks my wonderful, reliable, honest UPS boss. And don't worry bossman when you completely fail at doing your job just blame me."
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    I have a feeling you generate enough of your own blame without throwing yourself on anyone else's grenade.
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