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    I had to look up his website. He wrote this :
    "We refuse to let our problems fester any longer. We refuse to continue on this fast track to socialism. We refuse to become the United States of Europe.

    We are America!"

    No worries becomming the United States of Europe, they wouldn't even let the US with it's current debt into the European Union !
    Greece only became an EU member after falshifying their books ! (Should have been caught, and Greece should have never became a member) !

    Gee, when it came to healthcare, Canada sure got a hit from the reps as an example of socialized medicare.
    Now, why isn't Canada included when it comes to socialist indebted countries ?

    So, you have 4 or 5 EU countries in trouble, why not look right at home, how many States are in trouble financially ?
    Arnie in Calif was Republican, he held that for quite a while, why is California in major debt ?

    But, it's all ok. America could never afford to become socialist anyways.
    No way in hell can every American have healthcare access, and medicare needs to be cut soon, too, then SS.
    Then you can all be happy and free, again !
    No more sign of socialisum !
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    One day into his campaign and its GAFF city. Cain, sounding like a complete moron on foriegn policy went onto Hannitys show for damage control and he MADE IT WORSE!

    Ima gonna love having this guy on the campaign trail! He is gonna be great material for those of us with a sense of humor. Im going to put it out there, that Hermain Cain is like a bad case of herpes, he's the gift that keeps on giving!

    Herman Cain went on to Sunday Fox news with Chris Wallace and blundered his way through what was suppose to be a friendly interview. In the FOX normal way of "lobbing" softballs at GOP guests, Herman Cain got hit by a pitch!!!

    I mean, seriously, if you cant handle a 'friendly" interview like FOXED SPEWS, how are you going to handle interviews in the mainstream media?

    Here's the story:

    Cain was answering questions from Chris Wallace about Israel, and then this exchange happened:

    In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Mr. Cain –widely considered to be a long-shot contender for the Republican Presidential nomination – appeared to be somewhat confused by the idea of the Palestinian “right of return” to Israeli territory.

    The “right of return” is among the many seemingly unbridgeable divides in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and a concept to which Israel is firmly opposed.

    Just this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the return of Palestinian refugees to Israel is “not going to happen. Everybody knows it’s not going to happen.”

    When asked about his stance on the matter, Cain appeared confused.

    CAIN: Right of return? Right of return?
    WALLACE: The Palestinian right of return.
    CAIN: That's something that should be negotiated.
    When asked again about whether he believes in the Palestinian right of return, Cain seemed unclear about the Israeli position on the matter, as well as his own.
    CAIN: Yes, but under - but not under - Palestinian conditions. Yes. They should have a right to come back if that is a decision that Israel wants to make…. I don't think they have a big problem with people returning.
    Despite his confusion on matters of foreign policy, Candidate Cain is adamant that he is in it to win it. Announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on Saturday in Atlanta, Cain proclaimed, “I am not running for second.”


    Amazingly, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a MAC TRUCK..! Oh yeah, he wants to be president of the United States.

    On Hannity, he was brought in for damage control and it was laugh city for me!!

    Watch the video of Cain in action, watch him stumble, mumble and bumble his way to a stupid answer!

    Here is the text from Hannitys program:

    ""Chris [Wallace] caught me off-guard. I didn’t understand the right of return. That came out of left field, out of all the questions I anticipated him asking me, I didn’t even conceive of him asking me about the right of return. I now know what that is. The thing that you’re going to learn about Herman Cain, if he doesn’t know something, he’s not going to try and fake it or give an answer that he doesn’t know what hes talking about. Now here’s the thing about that right of return that I’ve learned since Sunday. It wasn’t that they were kicked out of Israel by the Jews, no! Their Arab leaders asked them to leave because they thought they were going to annihilate what was left, and then they’re going to go back. So yes, I still stick by my answer.""

    Now, CAIN admits he doesnt have the first clue about Israel or the israeli debate, and he said that the question came out of left field! NOW, do you want a president who isnt prepared, who isnt informed, who isnt ready for questions out of left field?

    If you are, then, you need to re-elect George Bush and how did that work out for ya the first time!


    I love it when you guys say CAIN would trounce OBAMA in a debate! He cant even hit a softball slowpitched from 2 feet away!!


    Peace :peaceful:
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    So far, looks like a wasted vote.

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    He is a social conservative. I'll pass. Anyway Obama has my vote
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    Herman has my vote as well. Watching him tear Clinton a new one back when he was CEO of godfather's pizza makes me long for the day when I can watch him do the same to Obama in a nationally televised debate.
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    I really like Herman Cain too.......but I don't know if he'll make it to be the candidate for the GOP. It's almost like he's too honest......not that it's a bad thing, but people don't seem to be willing to elect a 'non-politician'...even though that's what's needed. I appreciate his business experience. If he's the GOP candidate, I will vote for him.
  8. klein

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    You'll vote for any GOP Candidate !!! Don't matter if it were Trump, Paul, Palin, or the other dummy woman...

    Not that it matters, your choice.
  9. moreluck

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    Just in the same way that Democrats will vote for whomever is the Democratic candidate.....what's so amazing about that ?????????????????????????
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    Thats true for me too. The worst GOP candidate is hundreds of times better than Obama.
  11. klein

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    I have switched my votes in the past, and will again in the future.
    I vote for the best plan they lay out. Usually the plan, that includes getting a budget surplus and paying down the debt.
    Everything else (spending) can wait until then.
  12. moreluck

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    Good for you. Some people here, in this country, choose to vote the 'party line'. It's an individual choice and it's secret!!
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    Yes Im glad no one else has ever made a gaff. Lol you guys are silly.
    I dont think he can get the nomination, but he would be far way and ahead of what we have. Me might make a gaff, but he admits it. So he doesnt know it all, neither does our commander in chief he just acts like he does. I still cant believe he is our president. I keep hoping I will wake up from this bad dream. LOL you guys who love Obama, what has he done, except spend and entertain, and attack people who think differently?
  14. klein

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    Well, they sure loved him in Ireland, and now England.
    He got more attention then if the Queen, or William & Kate would have visited !

    Not sure if they show the large 10 thousands of crowds of Irish people on Fox, waving USA flags, and cheering Obama and Michelle on.

    Go to youtube if you need to, then compare it with Bush visits to Europe or even Canada....!!!!!
    I actually think Bush made modern history here. First time I ever seen American Flags burning in Canada, along with a dummy of himself !

    Good thing that nightmare of a dream is gone !
  15. moreluck

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    I didn't know Herman Cain went to Ireland & England!!!
  16. toonertoo

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    I didnt know we were talking about Bush, Duh.
  17. scratch

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    Cain had 15,000 in Atlanta when he announced, he beat Obama's 10,000 in Ireland.....:wink2:
  18. toonertoo

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    Because we mention we like someone he immediately comes under attack. Unreal. He is real, he is likeable, he has experience in running a very large company and employing over time lots of people.
    So he probaly does not have enough name recognition, or money to win, he has more experience he has forgotten than Obama ever has known. I like him the best of any announced candidate.
  19. scratch

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    I think it would be funny to beat the President with a Cain...........
  20. moreluck

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    It would've been neat to call him the Hermanator, but Arnold ruined that!