Hey warning letter for miss loads

iowa boy

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In the Central, you file a grievance protesting any company letter.

By not doing so....it can be viewed as an admission of guilt.

That's old school Teamster stuff.

Was told years ago by our BA that we also dont grieve warning letters here. We can write a rebuttal letter to be included with warning letter in our file, but no grievance form. Which to me was a line of BS, but what do I know?

Netsua 3:16

If my center drug tested everyone 90% of all the part timers would be fired. Half of our management team would be shown the door, and maybe a little less than half of our drivers would be gone.
Were damn close but by my observations it’s more like
PT/Inside 60%
Drivers 45-60%
Sups 25%


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We had a guy get a thankyou letter from abney for saving some old guy who was having a heart attack. He grieved it.
I don't know why but I'm laughing my butt off imagining my steward getting a harrasment grievance for David Abney sending a thank you letter to the guys home. Lol

Cowboy Mac

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If you’re unsure, file a grievance anyways. If it turns out you didn’t need to, you only lost a few minutes time to write out the grievance.