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    Hey all, I've been lurking on this forum for about 2 years now and just decided that it would be a good idea to get into the discussions. I have been with UPS for about 4 years now and really think that this will be my career.
    I have noticed at my hub that my fellow part-timers have no clue to what their benefits are and what the contract entitles them to. I find it ridiculous that most of them had no idea they were getting raises this August and most of them have never seen the contract book.
    My personal opinion is that UPS does their best to withhold this important information from them and will only offer it if asked. Why don't they give new hires who join the union the contract book?? I had to acquire one from my supervisors desk. WHY??
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    They should be given the books once they join the union.Why they are getting them from mgmt I can't answer.
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    IMHO - This not a career job and is not important to them. Give me my money...cya latter, Jack.
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    You need to learn the real world of UPS then, yes they may withold information but when it comes to the union Its not UPS's job to talk you about the union, in training class either your BA or a shop steward is given time to discuss the union. Its up to your union to distribute the contract not UPS.
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    Understood drew, but our hub is in a very small region and our BA only visits only once a year and he is worthless. How would I go about informing my co-workers of what they are entitled to? For example, I have seen part-timers who have had a death in the family take personal time because they did not know that we have bereavement benefits of up to three paid days off.
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    Fair enough, you have stewards correct? contact your local and have them send your steward contract books, we have very passionate stewards up here and if they were in the same situation i can see them getting a group together after hours and just doing a basic run down of the contract or q&a session. If theyre not passionate about it, maybe you should be a steward?
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    We have one steward and that isn't enough. I have been thinking about becoming one just for the part-timers but I haven't a clue if we would be allowed a second steward.
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    cal your desire to blame ups has been duly noted however the union prints those contract books and hands them out.