Hi all, what am I getting myself into?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dc300m01, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Hello everyone! I'm Jason, 22, and I like fishing and cars. I have an interview on Thursday to be a preloader, well, I think that is it. The shift is 4-7 (or so I'm told). Anyone work at Pittsburgh International Airport??

    This will be a second job, I work full time sitting in front of two monitors doing all the ##### work when you refinance your mortgage.

    I've never done anything like this before and miss working on my feet in a fast paced environment (worked in a restaurant ft 10hrs/day in the kitchen before my current job, now I sit on my butt all day and I'm getting pudgy :laugh:) I NEEDED a second job, and didn't want to stand behind a counter at the gas station or McDonalds. We'll see how it goes.

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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe , Jason. Lots of good people here with many years of experience. Post again after a week on the job and let us know how its going. Good luck.
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    Jason if you like to be used and abused UPS is right down your alley,Good Luck:confused:1
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    Welcome, I wont say used and abused but you will but pushed as hard as you can be pushed. The preload is quite different and I am still learning it myself. Just follow the methods the best you can and read EVERY package, above BE SAFE and stay hydrated. You will probaly be sore for a while but you will get over it. Some people love it some hate it, the job is what you make it. Don't expect alot of "hey good jods" there will always be something you did wrong. You are right about one thing it is a VERY fast paced job. Good Luck.
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    Welcome Jason, and good luck. We need energetic people. You will lose 20 pds your first month. Its invigorating, you will work with mostly good people, and its actually fun, get paid to work out, instead of paying to work out, now there is a concept:tongue_sm
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    So how did the interview go? Are you going to be a upser?