Hi. I am thinking about working at UPS...anyone help?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by skbleader, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. skbleader

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    Ok so I went online to fill out an application, but it said that there wasnt any positions at the moment at the location I was wanting. And lo and behold, this morning I received an email saying that they would like to talk to me about the position and that I should complete the entire application and call them about the job.

    I am wondering if I can do this. My questions are what is working as package handler part time like? Basically, how flexible are the hours? And how many hours do they expect you to work a week? I am a highschool student and have school during the day so then I get off at 2:50 PM. If they want me to work 6 hours every day of the week like it looked like it was asking, I don't know if I can do that and keep up with my social life.

    For instance, is it possible to only work like this:

    Monday: 3 Hours
    Tuesday: 6 Hours
    Wednesday: 3 Hours
    Thursday: 6 Hours
    Friday: 6 Hours
    Saturday: 6 Hours

    And have it split up like that? I just would like to know preferably before I call them. Also, is it an easy job to get into? Like do you get used to it? Is it easy to stay there and not get fired? Haha I know that sounds lame, but I have a pretty decent job right now that is only 12 hours a week, 8.12 an hour, and if I were to switch to UPS I would have to quit that job which means I could never get it back if I were to get fired.

    I dunno I am just wondering and hoping that this is a possibility! Please help me out all you UPS vets. Thanks in advance!
  2. aspenleaf

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    I would stay where you are right now. Finish high school and enjoy your social life. UPS is a good job but the work is very demanding. Starting pay is about 8.50 an hour so you would not be getting that much more an hour. Plus you would have to work more hours. Also keep in mind that your available hours may not fit any of the UPS hours unless you want to work 5-10 (ish) each night and then you’d really miss out on study time and time with your friends. If you like your current job I’d really stick with that. You are only young once; enjoy it!

    After you graduate high school you should look into UPS for the tuition money (if your area has the Earn & Learn). Package handlers have to be able to move quickly and lift packages that are heavy, up 70 lbs, on your own. If you commit to a schedule you need to be there at those times each day. The work has to get done and they count on each worker fulfilling the time commitment (meaning you are on time for your shift and you stay until the work is done).

    Good luck!
  3. disneyworld

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    Social life? hahahahahahahah you're a funny guy. On a more serious note,go pour coffee for almost the same starting pay,better working conditions,more flexible hours.And you don't have some A**hole punk yelling at you to "let's go,pick it up".There is no such thing as working too fast or too hard at UPS.They are never satisfied with your effort. Unless you want benefits(and since you're in HS,I doubt you care) you would be wise to keep your distance from this company.
  4. palguy

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    I pretty much agree with disneyworld. However, at the end of this contract drivers will be creeping up on 90K a year.
  5. skbleader1

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    Ok well thanks for the advice. I guess you all are right. My job needs me, and I still need a job, so why go through the hassle I guess.

    I might still try to pick up a light second job during the school year. I dunno if I can survive on only 80$ a week during the year, now that the gas prices are so high.
  6. Working4TheBene's

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    In any event, I don't think UPS will allow the type of hours you are looking for... plus for the pay you get, may not be worth it... but after HS, you might consider itif you are planning on attending college/university...
  7. AbcHole

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    UPS will not let you work your own hours. Go work at Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco, or Sam's. Forget about UPS if you can. There is a possibility that one day you could get one of those 70-90 grand driving jobs -- don't bet on it without a lot of time in the hub and center sorts.

    UPS drivers work hard, and earn their keep, but if they ever lose their job, it is very hard to find another paying anywhere near the same.

    UPS management can really screw with you -- your job is never guaranteed at UPS. It is stressful and many people bail without ever reaching their goals.

    Work at UPS at your peril.
  8. celsiana

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    I'll tell you what we tell the "Newbies" taking walk thru tours. "Don't DO it..............Run for your life!"
  9. satellitedriver

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    Keep your social life, it's amazing how fast that goes away when you have to work everyday for a living.
    Focus on your education.
    Find your passion in life and the money will follow.
    At your stage in life, a job is just a job.
  10. kenmei

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    normally they will ofer u 3.50-4hour and they will never fire ppl unless they quit lol
  11. Pollocknbrown

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    ya and gas will be creeping up on 10 dollars a gallon :greedy:
  12. Lobofan5

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    You are wise beyond your years grasshopper!!!

    3 years in...riding on the dissapointment train......