HI i have a question about package drivers

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    If i work for ups freight , would i have a better chance of being a ups package driver then say a loader or handler? I was thinking about being a cdl truck driver then after i get experience I would put in for ups freight, then i would try for a package driver. Any help would be great thanks.....

  2. hondo

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    Very, very, very unlikely it would ever work out like that. Perhaps, maybe, if you only work for UPSF as a casual, not a regular employee. There are two kinds of hires into package car driving: (1) 'INSIDE' hires - the part time package handlers , and (2) 'OUTSIDE' hires - under which category the part time supervisors also fall. There is a (minimum) ratio of 6 INSIDE to 1 OUTSIDE hires that is maintained.
    You're not going to transfer from UPSF to UPS package, you'd have to quit and try to get an 'outside' hire slot. About the best thing I would suggest is working as a dock casual for another carrier and package handler for UPS for a couple of years, as long as the shifts allow it. Or just go ahead and work full time dock/city/road for another freight co, apply for outside hire slot. By the way, no CDL required for package car driving (to my knowledge) because they're under 26,000 GVW/hydraulic brakes. And remember if you are working (driving) with a CDL, you've got to watch your hours of service eligibility.
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    not only what he said. But let's say you are working for upsfreight and you apply to ups(the brownside) for any job. The company (as a whole) might look at this happening as two new guys needing training : you in your new job, and the guy that replaces you. If they keep you where you are , they can fill the other spot (the one you want) and only have to train one guy.

    If you quit to then apply, you might get blacklisted by your sup at ups freight.
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    More than likely if you went from a tractor trailer job into a package car job it wouldn't take you very long to realize what a huge mistake you made. Life ain't no fun when you're a monkey slave:wink2:
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    How long were you in package for?
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    10 years in package car - enough time to give any of the unknowing wannabes' advice on what they are getting involved with without their having to go through the school of hard knocks the way I did.
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    You had a bad experience in pkg car--GET OVER IT!!!!
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    That is what I was thinking.
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    It seems to me that many, if not most, of us have had some pretty bad experiences in package. I may or may not agree with Feederdriver06's opinion but I do with his right to express how he feels.

    The main thing the OP needs to know is that UPSF and UPS package is they are two different animals and working at each one holds it's own pluses and minuses.
    As far as thinking far enough in advance to rationalize the double training involved in the OP going to work at package, s far as I have experienced with UPS HR is that aint gonna happen.
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    My bad experience in package car is not unique. My old center is full of people that hate the job and are there ONLY because they are a prisoner of their paycheck. Thats a terrible way to go through life. Anytime I can help someone to not become that prisoner I am doing them possibly the biggest favor of their lifetime.

    Over the last few years when feeders puts up the feeder school bid list in January the amount of drivers that put their names on the bid list has been at all-time highs. One thing thats for sure is that these drivers aren't putting their names on the list because the package car job is great and they love it.:devil3:

    Wait until that telematics garbage is fully implemented. Every second of your day will be planned out and micro micro micro-managed to the point where you will only be able to take a certain amount of breaths of air per minute. No amount of money per hour is worth it. NONE.

    Any up-and-comers reading this better check the depth of the lake before you dive in head first. 'careful what you wish for