High Value's Clerk ????? Union or non union???

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  1. Valued Customer

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    Can anyone tell me if the High Value's Clerk in your Hub's are Union or Non-Union. IN my Hub He/She is a Non-Union and was told that he/she could not be apart of the union and hold that position. I myself have my doubts about this....I ask that you please inquire at you hub at to the Union status of your High Value clerk for me.......
  2. ikoi62

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    the 3 in my hub are non union..hired from a temp agency..same goes for the hazmat clerk.:mellow:
  3. pt_oms

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    the highe valu clerks in my building in california are union,
  4. retired2000

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    they are union hee in upstate ny
  5. brownrod

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    The regular union clerks do high values in my center. There are not enough high values to have a specific hi val clerk. We get anywhere from 0 to 10 hi vals per night. typically 2-3 a night.
  6. VoiceOfReason

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    I've seen it both ways. In the regular hub they were non union admins or temps and in the extended center a union exception clerk doubled as the high value clerk.
  7. JonFrum

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    High Value clerks are non-union here in Local 42, Lynnfield, Ma. and they aren't specifically listed in the Master Contract as being part of the bargaining unit.

    2002-2008 National Master UPS Agreement
    Article 1. Parties to the Agreement
    Section 2. Employees Covered
    "Employees covered by this Agreement shall be construed to mean, where already recognized, feeder drivers, package drivers, sorters, loaders, unloaders, porters, office clerical, clerks, mechanics, maintenance personnel (building maintenance), car washers, United Parcel Service employees in the Employer's air operation, and to the extent allowed by law, employees in the export and import operations performing load and unload duties, and other employees of the Employer for whom a signatory Local Union is or may become the bargaining representative. In addition, effective August 1, 1987, the Employer recognized as bargaining unit member's clerks who are assigned to package center operations, hub center operations, and/or air hub operations whose assignment involves the handling and progressing of merchandise, after it has been tendered to United Parcel Service to effectuate delivery. These jobs cover: packages return clerks, bad address clerks, post card room clerks, damage clerks, rewrap clerks, and hub and air hub return clerks. This agreement also governs the classifications covered in Article 39-Trailer Repair Shop. Effective no later then February 1, 2003 the Employer recognizes as bargaining unit members FDC/ODC clerks, international auditors, "smart label" clerks and revenue auditors who work in the operations facilities."
    National Master UPS Agreement, Articles 1-13

    Customer Counter clerks who are not already in the Union (they're not, here in Local 42) can join the Union but they must organize and sign cards. See the Memorandum of Understanding . . .
    National Master UPS Agreement, Addenda and Memoranda of Understanding

    Any group of employees can organize, sign cards, and if necessary, have an election to join the Union.

    The Contract, including the Memorandums of Understanding, and the Regional Supplements are available here . . .
    Teamsters for a Democratic Union
  8. rngri4

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    Our high value clerks are all classified as OMS's here...non-union.
  9. dodptsup

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    Same at my center in PA. My Hi Val clerk is also a haz-mat auditer, and ODC clerk, and she became unionized as of the last contract. She had been with UPS for 10 yrs as a non union clerk, and was making about 12.50 an hr. Once she went union(had no choice) I told her to file a grievance , cuz union people at 10 years were making 16 or 17 $$ an hr. It took about 6 months, but she won, and also got back pay to when the change took effect. I may be a supervisor, but after 5 yrs as a preloader, I know how hard everyone has to work, and hate to see someone get screwed
  10. hoser

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    If they're outsourced, they're not union. Kinda smart to outsource, leave HVS and DG in the hands of temps, so that if they screw up, UPS can recover the money lost through the agency.

    If it's under the roof and payroll of UPS, I do not see why this is non-union. These people should talk to their union.
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  11. Kis124

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    We have 2 people who do high value. 1 is a Supervisor...who also does payroll, and one is a 22.3 union worker. Our fill in is also a union worker. I think the only non-union we have are our Supes and cleaning crew
  12. menotyou

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    Must be union to process the movement of any package.

    Art. 3, sect. 7, pg 10.
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  13. barnyard

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    I thought clerks had the opportunity to join the union after the last contract. Our afternoon clerk joined, the morning clerk did not. 3 months later, her job was eliminated.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    High value and Haz-Mat are both union positions at my hub.
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    Last post before this morning was 2006.