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    :osama: A few weeks ago I got a letter in the mail about renewing my CDL license. The letter was from Georgia Dept. of Driver's Services, and it said that starting last July, all CDL drivers have to take the Highway Watch Safety and Security Program. This is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. This is free training and includes anti-terrorism and safety awareness which can be taken on the Web. Highway Watch I got a Class B CDL about twenty three years ago because at the time I was driving this antique Ford cab over "city van" that had a 24 foot box and air brakes. I don't need a CDL anymore, but I renew it every time it comes up. I was just wondering if this was taking place on a national basis?:detective
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    Renewed my class A CDL 2 months ago. I did not take the training class you asked about. I was never asked too or instructed too.
  3. Only certain states are requiring all CDL holders to complete it, as of now.