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  1. Patsfan87

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    Last week I was offered employment at UPS as a package handler, the following week I was offered employment as a Part Time Courier (DOT) for Fedex Express. Both are part time. UPS 3:30am to 8:45am and Fedex 3:00pm to 8:45pm. I plan on working both seeing how they do not interfere with one another. I have just one question ask you guys, which job will be more likely lead to full time faster? Fedex or UPS? Thanks! Take Care!
  2. jumpman23

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    That's a no brainer. Both jobs blow but FedEx cant even compare to UPS on the career level or pay level.
  3. Patsfan87

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    Well that's good to know....
  4. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Faster is not always better. You will get to full-time faster at FedEx, but it's definitely not better. Long term, UPS has better pay, insurance, and retirement.
  5. CJinx

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    Probably not a good idea to tell either employer that you work for the competition. LOL :innocent:
  6. hypo hanna

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    Like the song says,,,..

    "Look for the union label"

    You have protections at UPS. At FedEx you are considered a disposable slave ripe for abuse and you won't have anyone in your corner unless you hire an employment attorney.
  7. Cactus

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    Just one question, how are you gonna handle the UPS job when
    FedEx sends you (most likely) out of town to courier school?
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    UPS will be much harder on your body long term. How long it takes to go full time varies by which building you work at. By the time you get a full time position in my building, 99% of part timers will have quit or will have been permanently injured.
  9. overflowed

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    Never heard of it said that way. Thats funny. But, you're co workers saying they're hiring off the street. To op take the UPS job you will thank me in the long run. Suffer a little and be cool or suffer forever.
  10. Route 66

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    Are you relatively young? If so, I urge you to get more education and avoid this crappy industry entirely....but if you must torture yourself, UPS is the way to go.
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    Give ups a try fed ex express jobs will always be there good luck either way.

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