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    Will this effect me??

    So last year i worked as a seasonal driver helper. This summer I worked as a package handler but because of college, I had to quit and told them ahead of time. This year I applied again as a seasonal driver helper, and they told me I am eligible and have good rehiring status (at the interview). Couple days later they called and said I am a risk for rehiring because of my previous applications and asked me if I will be working throughout the whole time, I said yes. They said that if i work through the whole time, my rehiring status will be all good again.

    Why would they think I am risk? It's not that I quite package handler without telling them. I worked all the days of seasonal driver helper last year and the driver/s told me "you are the best driver helper I ever had".

    Will this effect me next year as I would like to be a seasonal driver?

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    It is impossible to say. Depends on the HR flavor of the month. If the economy stays in the tank, we get lots and lots and lots of applicants to choose from.
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    work as seasonal, then quit; work as handler, then quit; apply for helper....

    not saying you're a quitter, i'm sure you had legit reasons, but just on paper you should probably understand why an HR guy who's never met you before would be initially hesitant

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    I worked as a seasonal helper last year and never quit. I worked all through it.