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    I got a call from UPS about Nov. 11 asking if I was interested in employment as an unloader. It was unexpected, as I had last applied in August. The next week I had an interview and went to the warehouse tour. The interview and the tour went well. I was also asked to fill out additional documents online (tax forms, policies, etc.). I called the HR rep on Nov 18. (day after tour) and told them I was still interested in the position. They told me they would call back the week after the Thanksgiving so I could come in and fill out any final documents. Clean background check also came in the mail the day after Thanksgiving so I assumed everything was in order.

    To this point I have not been contacted and I am wondering if I still have a chance. I tried contacting them today but received the answering machine. I am going to try and call them tomorrow as well. I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight into the situation and ask what are my chances for employment. Thank you for reading.
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    Logistically it will all work out. We are a logistics company trust me.
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    Hmm, it may be too late to get hired for peak. I suggest you keep leaving messages every day. Try to email HR too if possible alot. Believe me it works. Maybe won't help you get on during peak, but maybe after you'll get a response. It took me 3 months to finally get hired. I called and emailed HR a lot......It will help
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    follow this advise
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    Sure thing, thanks for the advice! I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I started December 1st 2003 and am still there, so there is a chance they will want you to come in Monday to start training.