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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by dammor, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. dammor

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    Peak is always interesting. I'm sure all of you that are on the job these days are as exhausted as we are here. One of my fellow workers in the same area as I am in said something today that really made sense to me. He said,"I like peak because it is the time when you get to see what people are really made of." That's a fact. I'm lucky to be working with mostly good people here.
    I said mostly........:-))
    How is peak elsewhere?
  2. Peak is light here we are not using helpers yet and no additional drivers
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    I'm exhausted, and the cost cutting has eliminated a lot of the easy time at the end of the evening. It's a little rough, but so is life. At UPS, you have to learn the ropes. That seems to be quite a few peaks to me. It seems like a company where it might be worth it.

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  4. peacock71

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    There is a peak in IT also, our website is setting new records every day....

    Go UPS!
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    Our peak is so-so as well. Compared to a couple of years ago the volume is disappointing but at the same time it has been where it was projected with a couple of days above that. The good news is our quality levels are fantastic compared to a couple of years ago and getting better and better. I'm glad to see the focus on quality and proud of the service product we can give to the customer.

    I know it's tough for everyone right now but keep your head up. FedEx may be getting the volume but they can't deliver the quality elements. UPS is the only dog in the yard who can handle the volume and do so with quality and the customer will see that. IMO, when this happens many customers will look at UPS again and in order for FedEx to compete they must tighten their ship. UPSers are use to running tight as this is a way of life at UPS but FedExers are not. When those same demands are placed on them they will want something in return and Big Fred just doesn't want to go there no matter what spin story he tells in the public arena. IMO this is when FedEx stumbles.

    All the above JMO.
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    It's quiet on the California front--starting to use some helpers, but the volume is not there yet!!

    This is going to be a good test for Fed Ex to see how they handle the Christmas rush. If they are successful I would say "good bye" to our volume that they have had the opportunity to capitalize on with their long term contracts which were offered to customers as protection in case of a UPS work stoppage.

    I hope that whtever volume we do get this year----that we try to keep our service levels the highest that they have ever been!!! Happy Holidays to everyone!!!
  7. trouble1903

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    Here in the east it's crazy!! Out till 9, helpers for 2 weeks now. Today was slow, which is nice for a Friday...but "peak" Monday is a day that I'm not looking foward too.
  8. dammor

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    Interesting that some areas are getting hit hard and others are not. We were told this morning at the PCM that our volume was predicted to be down this peak, but so far it has not. We are using several rental trucks and could use a few more.
    Have a good weekend people.
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    It seems to be heavy here in MA. Or is it less helpers and peak rtes, Im not sure. Yesterday I punched out with 59.84 for the week. Have to watch the 60 limit every day now. Been a good peak EXCEPT for off routes. 6 yesterday....
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    Our peak is down compared to last year, but expected to hit next week.
    A couple of words about the "F-Word" company.
    They do awesome DR's! If I was a thief, I could seriously rake in the loot. I Found some blinds, (you know those long, narrow boxes) on a front lawn, next to the porch. I wanted to move it, but then realized I didn't deliver it. I thought the coming rainshower should destroy it, prompting the shipper to use us next time.
    Like the postal service, they put their packages on front porches in plain view. The same thing at apartment complexes.
    One last word about this "F-Word" company. Last year they didn't have enough drivers to deliver to one city in our state. They had a backlog of packages, that they advertised in the local newspaper for some help. They paid, no joke, $10.00 per delivery. Let's see if the same thing happens this year.
    Despite J.D. Power's rating of them, we still blow them out of the water.

    Just my humble opinion. Thank you and good day.
  11. over9five

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    "...prompting the shipper to use us next time. "

    I always wonder why that doesnt happen more often. The mailman and Fedex just leave stuff out in the rain.
  12. dammor

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    This is a little off the subject of peak, but the DR posts reminded me of a couple of things that happened here a few years ago. The weather was bad and the people had no decent porch so the driver put it in the car and left a notice saying it was left in the Chevy. Well, the old woman comes home, sees the note and goes down to the Chevy car dealership around the corner and asks for her package. They of course had no idea what she is talking about. Too funny. I guess she thought she had a Ford in the driveway.
    Next story, same weather. The driver puts it in the barbeque and leaves a notice. (I have done this)It was a box of Bass Pro soft plastic fishing worms. Well, the guy comes home and cranks up the barbeque with the lid down. Yumm... I guess we need to be more specific whith our delivery notices. We at least try to leave the packages out of sight.

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  13. proups

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    Peak is good in the midwest.....using helpers...and the weather is holding out!

    Only one more week!
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    You think that is bad Dammor . I am from Maine and aleast once a year a shipper gets his lobsters refused. Why?? because they are green and redish brown,,Lobsters turn red when they are cooked . The reciever refuses them because they think the lobsters have spoiled....hheheheheheh