Hoffa Aides Guilty of Selling Out Teamsters



Hoffa Aides Guilty of Selling Out Teamsters

Hogan and Passo Expelled From Teamsters Union

May 30, 2002Billy Hogan, Jr., and Dane Passo, two top officials in the administration of Teamster president James Hoffa, were expelled from the Teamsters Union today for corruption.

The Independent Review Board (IRB), in an 80-page decision, barred them for life from the Teamsters Union for engineering a scheme in Las Vegas which would have given a sweetheart deal to a nonunion company, United Temps, while undercutting a Teamster contract covering 1,100 convention-industry Teamsters.

Hogans brother is the vice president of United Temps. Hogan, Passo and Hoffa met with United Temps president Richard Simon at Harry Carys restaurant in Chicago in late July or early August of 2000, as the deal was in the works. (Simon is a part owner of the restaurant, and the meal did not show up on Hoffas, Hogans or Passos expense account.)

Hogan and Passo are both high ranking power brokers in the Hoffa administration. Hogan was Hoffas first choice to be his running mate: in 1996 Hoffa announced a Hoffa-Hogan Ticket. Later, when the IRB began to uncover extensive corruption and family-dealings in Hogans Chicago empire, Hogan stepped aside for a stand-in candidate, Tom Keegel.

Passo was Hoffas Midwest campaign coordinator, and held the unique title of Special Assistant to the President. He was always at Hoffas side at important union events.

As recently a month ago, at the April 30 Teamster Special Convention in Las Vegas, which Hoffa called to raise members dues, Hogan was a key speaker at Hoffas Unity Rally. Hogan denounced reform Teamsters who called for a membership vote on the dues proposal.

The Hoffa administrations number one political goal, ahead of issues of benefit to working Teamsters, is to make a political deal to eliminate the IRB along with impartial supervision of Teamster elections. Without the IRB, Hogan and Passo would have faced a trial with the jury being Hoffa and his hand-picked slate, with a predictable result.


I am shocked!
This can not be true!
Say it ain't so!
Members of the IBT corrupt?

Nothing ever seems to change in this august organization, does it?

What a shame that UPS is in any way associated with the IBT!


Hogan, Passo and Mike Bane out; Cashman under indictment...so naturally Hoffa wants to end government oversight. Compulsory unionism and corruption go hand in hand.


Does anyone else follow the Sopranos? Remind you of anything here??? They're underhanded and unscrupulous but their followers continue to follow like blind sheep.