Hoffa and hall are morally bankrupt!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Apr 15, 2013.

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    hall gave us his two cents and told us we wouldn’t be paying 90 dollars, he’s right, he also said we wouldn’t be paying 9 dollars, he’s right or 9 cents and once again he was right. We’re gonna end up paying more and the retirees are gonna be double screwed. hall what are you a 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] or 4[SUP]th[/SUP] generation inbred hayseed. hall when you die you Dixie boy, I’m gonna put on your headstone: “we won’t be paying 90 dollars, we wouldn’t be paying 9 dollars, or 9 cents,” you moron.

    You let UPS out of the Central States Pension Fund and you turned it into dog poo. How is it that you line your pockets with 3 or 4 checks and 3 or 4 pension contributions. But when it comes to managing the pension funds and the locals you don’t’ know what you’re doing.

    Jimmy Hoffa and hall there’s no “I” in Teamster, but there is in crime and what you are doing to the teamsters is a crime. I suggest you read the IBT Constitution.

    Junior you can’t fill your daddy’s shoes and certainly can’t fill Ron Carey’s either you gutless pro-management puke. You two are morally bankrupt.

    There’s at least 235,000 UPS Teamsters, we can shut UPS down! The only people that gave their lives during the last strike were Teamsters, not one management person, let’s show them we mean business and let’s strike!
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  2. Want me to misload something for you when I work next?
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    The majority of UPS is made up of part timers and UPS is trying to reduce all part timer hours currently during contract negotiations. They do not fear Hoffa and hall one bit, they have no respect for any of their workforce especially the part timers! They are trying to break the union! Where is hoffa and hall? Will they come through with atleast one good contract for part timers??????????? Part timers are getting the royal screwjob once again!!! Ups is going to make sure part timers dont see any more $ in their pockets.........sure they might get a lil raise but we will just cut their hours so they make less $$$$. UNION NEEDS TO PUSH FOR ATLEAST A $2 RAISE FOR ALL PART TIMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Your just figuring this out ?
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    Actually in our area mgmt did lose a life. He drove a feeder right off an exit ramp and didnt make it. Ine of the few times i wondered whether it was worth it. May he RIP.
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    A Kansas boy as I remember ... out of Lenexa?
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    Not sure where he was from, but he turned on the on ramp to i65 in Nashville with too much speed and the trailer flipped on him. This sent him over a 2 to 3 story drop. Definitely unfortunate.
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    Re: Hoffa and Ken H are morally bankrupt!

    Didn't Ken H lead the strike that won UPS Teamsters everything in the 90's? He's money hungry now and doesn't care about our healthcare. He should becovered with tar and feathers, and ran our of the union! I don't even believe he could load a package car! I've been waiting 9 YEARS for a driving job!!!! And I don't want him screwing it up! :angry:
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    Time for new leadership.
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    Now there's a well thought out post. Also very timely considering the next election for GP and GST is in 2016.
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    Re: Hoffa and Ken H are morally bankrupt!

    Since you put it like that...time for ANY leadership ;D
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    Re: Hoffa and Ken H are morally bankrupt!

    And another cheap shot from the cheap seats. And you're putting your name in the hat??? I didn't think so.
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    Re: Hoffa and Ken H are morally bankrupt!

    I personally don't care, hence the "since you put it like that". Unionism went to s*** a long time ago, "union bosses" are just one small aspect.
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    hall wont get my vote. too out of touch. now he is trying to make up for it after trying to shove the contract down our throats and that didn't work.
    no integrity--no vote.
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    screw sell out hall and Hoffa..a big F..n No vote from me....suck my a...s ..s. hall
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    I think if hall was running the show, you would see great improvement. His hands would be free. Don't bite your nose to spite your face guys.
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    Hey guys I was just looking over the new insurance the union is proposing. It’s a ppo which does not pay the doctors good. On the other hand I looked up dentists that are in the plan and the closest 1 is in Niagra and I don’t think it’s a very good one. Escanaba the closest 1 is Spalding and then gwinn. And that’s all 1 office in each town. So you will not have a choice in a dentist soon. VOTE NO on this crap. The union has sold us out. Spread the word our union is lining its own pockets on our medical benefits !!!!! Here is the web site of our new soon to be med plan. https://myteamcare.org/ups/newmembers/index.html The problem they aren’t telling is it’s a ppo plan that the local doctors are expected to take less money and in return they wont give us as good of care as we have now.

    Here is the web site to search for providers in our network. https://myteamcare.org/find_a_provider.aspx
    there is a different link for doctors, dentists and vision

    I looked up vision and the closest is Escananba for me. And remember these are bottom of the barrel doctors that are accepting less money for their services. Just to give you an idea there is only 6 vision places in the whole U.P. in this damn network. This is a huge huge cut.

    I have to use mail order for my meds now and travel out of town for a dentist and a vision center!!!!!! Hoffa needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hoffa and hall are killing us
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    Re: Hoffa and Ken H are morally bankrupt!

    they danged sure are! Every contract Hoffa and hall have negotiated has resulted in great raises , 9.5 language,continued free health care,and improved language on enabling cover drivers to go full time. the bastids!!!!
    you guys kill me some times. go and cry to a fedex driver,a mail carrier or a freight owner operator driver and see what kinda sympathy you get!!