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I think our government has been letting China get the best of us over the years. And it goes back through just about all of the administrations (both Republican and Democratic presidents). We've lost thousands of jobs because they've been moved to China and we even let them manufacture materials for our military. This is all stupid. China has always said that they wanted to be the next super power so it's rediculous to let these trade issues continue to happen. That is bad enough but everyone also needs to be reminded that China is trying to steal our military secrets. So, while we depend on them to manufacture just about everything we buy they are slowly figuring out ways to move past us as the world's greatest super power. Hoffa touches on this in the article below.



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Hoffa doesn't impress me one iota but I've got to admit he was all over this one.

I agree, Arrow. But as long as employers can take advantage of incredibly cheap labor costs in other countries, the well paying jobs we've lost are just plain gone. I'd hate to be a young person trying to make a go of it now because they won't be competing for a job with the guy next door, they'll be competing with somebody in Shanghai. Can you imagine? I often wonder what kind of a world my 16 year old will face....

And will we ever see an about face to the tax cuts and the trade and tax policies that made this all possible? Come on. We're on a very sad decline. Even if a person is employed, how likely is it that his wages and/or his bennies have been or will be cut? Look at the huge hit the American steelworkers and auto makers took. And any work that can be done on a computer or on the phone can now be done just as well in Timbuktu. I was reading in Time or Newsweek or one of those that G.E. is about to send work to India and China, as is Microsoft. And Virginia is taking it on the chin. Virginia banks and Virginia based Travelosity and Lillian Vernon have also pulled up stakes for India.

The middle classes in India and China are exploding with their mind boggling $2.00 an hour while the middle classes here are dwindling, since our factories are closing and our businesses are downsizing. I have a friend who's been downsized 3 times. Two banks and UPS. This woman has a degree in business but she worked in a nursing home, a bakery and delivered pizzas in between downsizings until she finally landed a govt. job. And she's a single lady. Imagine if she were the head of a large household.