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    Jim Hoffa has pledged to send Teamster Airline Director David Borne to assist in the stalled contracts talk next week. Local 2727 has already held information pickets at the Air Group in SDF and was set to go to ATL to hold the same at UPS corp headquarters. There was a deal between Capt. Borne and UPS Labor to NOT PICKET and the company would start talks going forward. It seems that the company does not want to fairly compensate and reward the employees that provide a valuable service commitment for the company. Airline mechanics have not received any benefits or compensation raise since 2005, how many Grade 20's haven't received a raise since then, NONE. Now most people see wages and benefits being at the top of sticking point, but UPS wants U.S. certificated, large, long range commercial jets to have more maintenance provided by overseas "chop shops". Outsourcing of aircraft maintenance is the companys way of cutting cost, and putting service ahead of safety for the American people.
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    I hope that you know what that means! He will force feed you a bad contract and there will be nothing that you can do.

    He did it here in chicago with our freight guys just recently, and now these guys have to accept a 10% pay cut as of january, while at the same time yrc profited 36 million. Good luck to you!
  3. Here we go again --- UPS IS fairly compensating the mechanics, a top of scale mechanic (end of year 5) is the highest compensated line aircraft mechanic in the industry. It is true they have not received a pay increase in two years, however what usually happens is when the contract is settled part of the agreement is to make the pay raises retroactive which means the mechanics should be getting a huge retro check to cover the last two years.

    As far as benefits are concerned you have 0 deductible health care, 401K match, and a pension - I would not look for UPS to start paying YOU for the privilege to provide your healthcare any time soon, that would be the only way to improve it at this point.

    Please explain the outsourcing issue - what exactly is UPS trying to outsource. If it is heavy maint we don't do that now, it is already outsourced. If it is line maint at international gateways we don't do that now either. I have asked this question several times on this forum but I have not gotten an answer.