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  1. diamondtcabover

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    50 days till the ballots come out, the word is Jimmy and the Boys are coming to a UPS HUB near you to stand up for 22.3 jobs, hold the company accountable for the 9.5's and so on and so on.

    Be careful about the BIG BROWN BAG OF BULL that Hoffa comes to share with you about standing up for the members at UPS now after the Employer has been eating your lunch for the last 5 years.

    Vote Gegare-Sheard 2011
  2. alwaysoverallowed

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    Too little too late. I want a president who will be proactive not reactive. The company plans ahead so should our union. The company always seems to be one step ahead of the curve to the competition and two steps ahead of our union's thinking. I want our union to be tick for tack; not tick wait a couple of months, postpone grievance hearings, cancel grievances hearing, then hold grievance hearing, then oh no it's an election year time to get out from behind the desk and show up at hubs/centers instead of debates where they might be held accountable by other members.
  3. mamirk69

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    What was so funny to me was when the idiot Hofffa was at the Obama rally in Michigan the rally Hoffa quoted,"take them soma bitches out" and Hoffa was pushing for the jobs bill and then started chanting jobs, jobs, jobs, and my reaction was like whoa really? Hoffa has the same ability to create jobs but has decided to turn his back on his own union brothers and sisters on creating jobs via 22.3 but has the nerve to try to get the crowd to hold Obama accountable on creating jobs. Comical, almost down the lines of the Three Stooges.
  4. 804brown

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    I hope you are voting for Sandy Pope then!!
  5. island1fox

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    Hoffa was on a Radio talk show on the west coast last week.
    He was asked about his inflamatory comments and the recent violence in the ports of Washington.
    His answer was the violence was an "isolated incident" and everyone knows the unions have been responsible for the forty hour workweeks that American's enjoy.

    Do you think he was talking about the UPS drivers and the UPS part-timers ??
  6. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    I believe he was speaking of a different "class" of people, actually. Certainly not the proletariat...maybe the BAs? ;)
  7. alwaysoverallowed

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    Our Union's a joke lets drop the dope:surprised:

    Paid for by anyone but Hoffa 2011
  8. The Blackadder

    The Blackadder Are you not amused?

    I always get a laugh when I hear someone on TV on in the paper talking about the "40" hour work weeek that Unions gave us.

    Seeing as how I work close to 50 I guess I must not be in a union.
  9. 804brown

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    But before 1938, they could have made you work 60 hours. And now you get time and a half after either 8 hrs or 40 for the week.
  10. diamondtcabover

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    Hoffa and his band of "Hoping to Horse:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: the membership" Administration just admitted to you, the members at UPS, that UPS has been the force to reckon with as the IBT has sat on the sidelines and let it happen. Not only let the harassment happen, but Hoffa and Monty hall must have made the deal behind door number 2 for the grand prize of the support of UPS to "back off" this behavior towards the membership.

    Is this an in kind contributition from an employer for the Hoffa-hall Campaign? Sure seems like it doesn't it.

    So, the question is to the Hoffa boys, how long has the boss (Hoffa) known that the company has been bangin' the membership in the ass and kept quite about it along with the UPS Brass? The membership at UPS has been getting serviced with a smile on Hoffa's face. Not even a kiss after a long days screwing by my own.