Horrible accident


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That is horrible! I want to know what happened since they were both heading the same direction. They did not mention what happened to the other driver where they hurt? How sad that she died and even worse are the fools who will be upset they didn't get thier package not caring that a woman died while doing her job. Her family must be so upset today.


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She apparently had the right of way.
Her family needs to retain the finest workers comp lawyer in the area. When the lawyer gets through with our company then he can go after the garbage company.
Two large monetary awards might alleviate some of the pain.


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She had the right of way in what way? The news video stated they were going the same direction. Did they find out what really happened? Regardless she is dead and that is just horrible to die while working; not that other deaths are better or worse. She was young too.
In Colo Springs a woman I know was hit by a semi and died she was on her way home from work just this past week. Her sister went looking for her when she did not show up and found the accident (in clean up stage). The news said she (the woman who died) ran a red light but she was never the type to speed or run lights so I don't know if I believe that.


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Wonder how when our driver was going in the same direction, how she would have taken a lick to have killed her. Unless our package car hydroplaned and then the garbage truck hit her on the drivers side?

We had a driver completing a stop in the cab of his P1000 when a garbage truck backed into the package car. They had to cut him out of the car, and he was out of work for almost 6 months due to internal injuries.

There is not much protection for our drivers in many of the package cars when you start talking about a direct hit on the drivers side.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family!

Oh and trick.... not a workers comp claim. So just about any lawyer can handle this case. But that will not bring back the driver......



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I thought I read in one of the stories that the package car was turning left as the garbage truck was passing on the left.

Doesn’t matter, someone came to work Friday morning and lost their life. Prayers to the family and friends