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    Can anyone tell me the harassment hotline number?

    The reason I need the hotline number is not to thrash anyone or get anyone fired but only to end a confrontation. I am a part time manager on the Reload, but an On Car Supervisor who formerly ran the Reload is constantly harassing me because he believes that his way is the only way to run the sort. He comes to me over my full time manager because I know the sort better than my full time manager. My full time manager worked the preload for 3 years as a part time supervisor before being promoted to full time on the Reload 5 months ago. I have been on the sort a year and am the most senior part time manager on the sort. So I obviously am more knowledgeable of the sort. I trained a my full time manager and two other part time managers on the sort during peak. So I catch all of the grief. The manager that is harassing me is constantly attacking me on a personal level, and being unprofessional when expressing his ideas. He gets in my face, screams, and cusses me for no apparent reason. The manager who harasses me is 35, and Im 23 years old. So if Im being childish or petty please let me know!! He is ex military so he acts like a drill sergeant when he is upset. Most of the time I walk off from these situations, but he has gone to my center manager and told her who knows what, and she has informed me that the next time I walk off from the on car supervisor during a conversation I am walking off on my job as well. I've went to the Center Manager several times about this to explain my side, but she just plays it off as if what I'm telling her isn't going on. Because he tells her his side first and gets her to agree with him and she comes down on me telling me how wrong I am for disagreeing with an on car supervisor. A handful of my employees who have watched these situations escalate over the past few months have also gone to the Center Manager to address their concern of what they have witnessed. These situations don't occur daily. Only about once or twice every few weeks. However nothing has changed after the Center manager has heard multiple sides of each story. With that being said I have applied to 250 positions in three weeks to relocate and get away from the center completely. I have also been applying to leave the company completely.
    Do I have the right to notify the hotline of what is going on or would that be a misuse of the hotline?
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    Ask for Jenny
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    For something like this you'll want to get a hold of your local HR department. There's probably papers or emails somewhere in the office where you can find contact info.
  6. ch317273

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    id contact HR asap, especially before u decide to bail outright, u might regret that decision should u chose that path and this hopefully will be a situation that someone in HR could possibly help with, in therory that's partially what hR is there for id imagine, that and to make sure company doesn't get sued or something
  7. I hate it when people can't let go. If you're making it on time it shouldn't matter how you do it.

  8. ch317273

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    Get that Bastid!
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    You need to follow the proper chain of command, soldier! Having said that, I don't think I could work under those conditions, either. Get the hell out of there now, if possible. You need to get promoted over him and give him a taste of his own medicine. The way management moves around, gets promoted and demoted, it has been known to happen.
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    Jenny seems quite the popular gal on this forum.
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    The fulltimer is mad cause you making him look bad.
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    Start crying and run out. Later, tell the center manager that you were being bullied and are thinking about hurting yourself. That should do it
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    If he/she did that, Management going to think another Alabama shooting is going happen? Murder/Suicide is not a laughing matter in my operation.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Work it up the chain of command, if that fails.......[​IMG]
  15. superballs63

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    Crying and saying you were bullied = workplace shooting?

    I must have missed logic that day, cause I don't see any correlation.
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    Beechwood 4-5789
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    Garfield 1-2323, Garfield's a Cleveland thing.
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    I'm just saying a few days after the shooting PCM any talk of murder/suicide at this location will be investigated. UPS like to push employee to the breaking point. Either the employee will let go, or hold on to it, and let that anger build up over time.
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    Hmm, maybe that's the real problem here.

    I'm not hinting at all that the OP should run up with an uzi and massacre people. Murder suicides are acts of cowardly individuals
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  20. ch317273

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    Dude maybe you should tell this other bully sup that he should cease and desist giving you a hard time or else you'll be forced to call HR, maybe tell your center manager the same thing, if she doesn't help you'll call HR, sounds like u have nothing to loose if your thinking of leaving anyway