How big is your center?

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  1. Alleycar

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    Just out of curiosity, how big of an area does your center service? I hadn't given it much thought, but our center must be abnormally large. Our service area is 210mi N to S and 150mi E to W. Happy Valentine's Day =)
  2. Indecisi0n

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    Mine is slightly above average.
  3. Big Babooba

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    My center is bigger than I want it to be. My ass and chest are just fine though.
  4. Jones

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    I was told once that the Charlottesville, Va building covers the largest area on the east coast, I've run into those guys at least 80 miles from their building.
  5. cosmo1

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    I had a route for a year that was exactly 100 miles from the center to my first stop.
  6. stink219

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    Excluding a few towns of Southern Massachusetts, our RI building covers 1033 miles. It houses 4 centers averaging 200-240 routes a day. I hope that helps.
  7. cachsux

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    CACH covers all!!!!!!

    Bow to our majesty!!!!
  8. Brown287

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    I've always been curious as well. My building covers only one county and it doesn't even cover it all themselves. It's only extended to the south of it where my center covers. My route is one of the two farthest from our building and my first stop is only 35 miles from it. Within fifty miles from my building is 5 buildings and 2 air ramps.
    I'm on vacation this week and drove to Tahoe. Wile driving through Sacramento last night I saw trucks driving back to Sac on Hwy 50 at least 60 miles east of it. I was asking myself I wonder how far in to the Sierra's their building goes. Personally I love my high mileage route and wished it was even more extended. I average between 165 and 200 miles a day.
  9. Covemastah

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    quite a big building,,,Prori covers the whole state and part of Ma. Too !!
  10. im_tired

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    I'm in Austin, TX, and I'm not sure about the square mileage we service, but our facility is pretty big--nine belts split into four centers and a bunch of huts and random :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: around the walls. This morning I think we processed something like 96k pieces. That said, we need more room. During December we definitely choked the building a few times--sort recycling until after 10:00am, drivers not able to leave until after their NDA commit times, giant piles of packages leftover on every belt, that kinda stuff. Apparently we're experiencing some growing pains, but it's my first year so what do I know?
  11. Brownslave688

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    We go about 45 miles north, east, and west. Only cover about ten miles south of town. Another center about 30 miles south of us that's very small. To me it would make sense to combine the two centers. We run 50-60 routes most day. The other center probably runs 10-15.
  12. ocnewguy

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    4 centers, all of orange county minus newport and laguna. no idea clue on amount of routes or mileage.
  13. stink219

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    Yes. About 1500 hourly employees total, 4 planes landing a day, 89 22.3 jobs, a ton of feeder jobs, about 250 drivers or so, it's a big facility compared to others I've been to.
  14. ajblakejr

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    Cach, I know you have my back and you provide cover for others.

    The question is how big is your center.
  15. Alleycar

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    thank you for the replies! some more info about my center I should have added: 45ish cars daily and I think there are about 60 drivers total. I cannot even imagine working the buildings some of you guys do. We run about 4000miles per day total. I run the shortest route, 28-32 miles. Our longest run is 350ish. We have 5 satellite routes I think. That's about it I can think of off the top of my head. Keep em coming
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The delivery area in my center is bordered on the east by Lake Champlain, on the north by Canada and about 60 miles to the west and south of the building. We deliver all of Clinton and Essex County and the bulk of Franklin County.
  17. Alleycar

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    that sounds beautiful Upstate
  18. SmithBarney

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    Let's See, my Center was ~80 west of center, ~70miles east of center(to satellite center), 50 miles north, 25miles south..

    I'd do an easy 250~ when heading east.(60-90 stops)
    usually in town running less than 25(200+ stops)

    now I'm at FDX, run about 100miles a day and don't leave town(70-100 stops) Driving in circles to hit multiple time commits.
  19. Cementups

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    I have no idea the actual size of our center but we do cover 3 very large counties in Central Pa.

    OVERBOARD Active Member

    Why only one year that sound like a route I would love to have.