How can I send my ballot...


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When the damn USPS missorts it? I completed my ballot and dropped it off at a mailbox a couple days ago. Today, I check my mail and find said ballot. On the back of the envelope is the return address, instead of on the upper left corner. So, instead of sending the ballot to the correct place, they sorted it by the address on the back. I accented a couple things on it and made a couple notes and I plan on leaving it in the mailbox for the mailman. MAkes me wonder if it will even make it :sad: Anyone else had this problem? How am I supposed to vote when the ballots are printed in such a way that the sorting information could easily be read incorrectly? On the other hand, I dropped the envelope in a dropoff box for mail destined to go out of town. They sent it back to me which in turn made the return address in Maryland, which is a couple thousand miles away... sigh...


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Maybe it's a conspiracy and UPS paid the USPS to sabotage all "no" votes. :sneaky2:

Moreluck, please. Don't give the conspiracy nuts more ammo. Judging from some of our recent posts, some will believe this LOL. On the other hand UPS does handle some USPS volume. Hmmmmm