How can this contractor afford this ???

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    OK, so I was checking out the craigslist ads & found a contractor hiring drivers & paying them by the hour with OverTime???

    fedex job posting.JPG

    this is inline with what i was getting at the temp agency during peak season:blink:

    the pic was cropped incorrectly, so i'll copy/paste:

    then the pic i included should read ok...


    I don't live in that area, but I was intrigued on how he can afford this without eating into his profit margin???

    also, the OT statement he made: (about 50% of our drivers average 10-20 hours overtime on certain weeks)

    and the bonus pay of $500/ monthly for safety and customer service depending on performance? I think that's the contractor's bonus and not the drivers'... since I never received such a thing from my previous contractors eventhough i put on my green/purple cape and give excellent service.


    If you know this contractor in the hub/ terminal, please tell him to get in touch with me. Thanks!

    I know you guys have a gag-order to tell if something's profitable or not with these "businesses" so PM me if you want.

    My last contractor didn't want to say how many routes out of his 15 drivers covers his expenses... (he knew that i wanted to be an owner/op in the past ~ heck, i still see a few single-route contractors in the 2 terminals i've been working at). He also offered me an hourly pay, but I declined because i told him i'll be cutting into his profits too much if you try to pay like EXPRESS...
    fedex job posting.JPG
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    looks like the competition or rival contractors flagged it down...

    contractor's area was in NYC, sufflolk & nassau counties
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    Don't know why you think that's great. The $140/day I pay some of my drivers in the midwest goes alot farther than the hourly pay in New York.
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    well, there's a high amount of apartment buildings in that area as well as not alot of hiding places for driver-release to the front door...

    when you return with lots of code 07s, you won't get paid for it for those contractors paying by the stop...
    plus OT after 8 hours is high there due to the amount of traffic involved, plus lack of parking

    and he also gives out performance bonuses if you don't have a legit complaint for the month
    i red-flag some contractors with seedy areas (i'll refuse to cover their areas) due to the same type of conditions unless i get paid by the hour for the hassle.