how do I transfer?

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    What do i need to know about transfering to a new center. How do i do it or go about doing it. What do i need to fill out or do.
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    You can't
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Transferring between centers is not an option; however, if the center that you would like to transfer to has an opening for which you are qualified you can apply for the position. If you are hired, you would retain your union seniority but would lose your seniority within your previous center which, depending upon your job, may or may not matter to you at this point in your career.
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    In our center they post (not sure how often) a list of centers you can put in to transfer to. We have had two drivers transfer from California in the last 3 years they are out of our district, out of our state, and out of our contract area, but they were able to transfer here. We just had a driver transfer from another part of the state also. They keep all union senority, for example the weeks of vacation, years towards pension etc. BUT they lose all center senority, they have to pick vacations last, laid off first, etc. In fact the one who just tranferred here is laid off now.
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    First Post,

    Most Supplements don't allow transfers to other buildings outside your Local's jursdiction. The Western Supplement does. Check yours.

    However, you probably can transfer from one building to another if they are in the same Local Union.
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    Full-time drivers aren't allowed to transfer between buildings in my part of UPS. We can only bid into another Center if it is in the same Hub. We have one guy who had to quit in Miami and reapply for an opening in my Center because he wanted to help his elderly father. We also have another Driver who lost his home in New Orleans in the Katrina disaster and got rehired here. Both of these guys had twenty years in and are now Cover Drivers who started over at the bottom of the Center's Seniority List. The Part-timers are allowed to transfer for educational reasons though.
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    This is not necessarily true. It would depend on where you are. There are 3 UPS buildings in my local. The seniority list covers all 3 centers and the feeder dept. We have the ability to bid from one building to another and into or out of feeders , but only within the local.
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    The transfer list for the western conference goes up in October for the following year. You can pick up to 2 buildings to transfer to now.
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    If you are in the western conference then every summer they put up a sheet in which you sign and write in the center(s) you would like to transfer to. There is 6/1 transfer language here. But the stars have to align perfectly for you to pull off one of these transfers as they are very rare.
  10. 1989

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    I signed up for my 2 buildings in October...Both buildings will probably be looking in March and May respectively.
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    we have 2 centers in one buildinmg and you can take bids between the two as they are posted. that's what I did. In my old center I had knowledge of about 18 routes. I was sick of getting pulled of my bidroute and covering others for a day. So I swapped to the other center so that that way I would only have knowledge of the one bid that I won. 4 years so far.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I stand corrected.
  13. 1989

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    Your old center can still borrow you from your new center tho.
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    I thought once you had your own bid route, you were not obligated to run anything but your own, unless yours was cut.
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    Back home to the Northwest, 1989? Slightly off-topic but I got an e-mail ad about a job in Flathead County, Montana. The state is pretty. -Rocky
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    Around here(New Jersey) you can transfer to any building as long as you stay within the local. Which covers about 14 buildings in the state. And that includes pdr to pdr or clerk to clerk or porter to porter, or any combination of transfers.
  17. brownrodster

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    You are lucky. A lot of people in my building sign up on these lists every year. But it's been a long time since someone actually scored a transfer.
  18. 1989

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    True, but I does happen more often than you think. I know of about 2 dozen people who have transferred or turned one down the last couple years.
  19. Cementups

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    I don't worry about that. I have a good amount of seniority now and don't have to worry about that anymore. On top of that all the routes have been relooped since I was on the otherside and I wouldn't know how they run. Lord knows that you can't trust another driver to have their EDD setup right.